infuse 5 pro wrong recognition of movies

hi all,
i have a lot of movies in a shared folder called MOVIES on my synology.
Every movies.mkv are stored in separated folder with nfo file and poster.jpg
i set to use incorporated metadata and download metadata but some movies are not reconized

example: superman 1 (1978) and RED (2010) are inverted. if i select superman i see red and if i select red i see superman.
this happens for several movies

i check nfo and they are correct , and also the file metadata.

What can i do to solve?


Are you using UPnP or DLNA by chance?

We’ve seen some issues like this with certain devices while they are updating the library.

If you are able to connect via SMB, NFS, or WebDAV you should be able to avoid issues like this.

i use SMB connection with my NAS and tiny media manager to write nfo file

Can you try installing Infuse 6 to see if the same issue is present?

Also, if you can post a few details about how your files are organized, it may provide a clue as to what is going on.

BATSTATION\FILM\Superman (1978)\Superman.mkv
BATSTATION\FILM\Superman (1978)\Superman.nfo
BATSTATION\FILM\Superman (1978)\poster.jpg
BATSTATION\FILM\Superman (1978)\fanart.jpg

BATSTATION\FILM\RED (2010)\poster.jpg
BATSTATION\FILM\RED (2010)\fanart.jpg

superman.nfo_.txt (22.6 KB)

red.nfo_.txt (16.1 KB)

just tried infuse 6 and i have yhe same problem :frowning: