InFuse 5 (pro via year's in-app) won't launch?

I’ve deleted InFuse 4 and installed and re-installed InFuse 5, but nothing I do gets it to launch. What can I try?

Have you tried restarting your ATV?

Restarting did it. Never expected to have to do that… sigh.
Now if only there were a way to select one FOLDER to show. When I get the list of folders, I can only OPEN each folder and I’d like to use the “TV” outer folder instead of opening it. AHHHH You click then HOLD when selecting it! Got it.

AND I’d love to connect to Plex, but that doesn’t seem to be there anymore. As I recall, it was there in InFuse 4.

Oh. Sort by date doesn’t sort all of the FOLDERS by their date. I’ve got many dozens of folders and would love to sort them by date last modified. Or somesuch. Plex is just so much easier to use since I can find “recently added” etc.

Infuse Library view offers recently added.

That sounds great, but I can’t find any way to get the library view working. The online docs and notes are for version 4 and that doesn’t seem to apply to V5. e.g. “Navigate to the Infuse → My Files menu and locate the folder that contains your TV Shows” but there is no such thing that I’ve found called “my files” anywhere that I can see. (and yes, I’ve got library “on”, metadata fetching “on”, up next "on, etc.

So, since the topic title is very narrow I’m going to start a new topic about Infuse 5 Pro and Apple TV issues.