Infuse 5 Pro is horrible another bug today

Infuse 5 Pro is horrible another bug today I want to see a series and appears that I have no content.

But if I go entering one by one to the favorite folders of the start if it appears but I lose the order recently added and new series is as if it was newly installed.

But it has not lost or the link to the NAS by SMD and also lost the favorite folders.

To lost all the content.

But if I go to Infuse 4 Pro is all right I never happened to anything in the 4 pro.

And in the 5pro goes all very badly I’ve already found this fourth error.

-Loses the content.

-When there is new content does not appear in recently added. (random error).

-If I enter the Library series do not appear all but if I entered series by favorites in the start and enter one by one to each series if they appear.

-You don’t remember what you saw. (Random error)

and several more but in Infuse 4 pro never happened any of this ever!

TheTVDb has been experiencing some downtime over the past day, which could be the reason Infuse is having trouble indexing your TV shows properly. This would not have affected the content that was previously indexed in Infuse 4.

More info here. Redirecting...

That’s not the cause of everything else.

Also say that 30 min before was all right and then not.

I think it’s not for that reason.

I do not understand that a new version and also is identical to the previous one has so many mistakes.

By the way if that is true it will be better to change the way you work since Infuse 4 pro does it better.

Infuse 4Pro Never loses the content and always shows the latest and reproduced.