Infuse 5 Pro, iOS: How to set audio delay / advance???

When using a BT headset there’s audio lag when watching movies/videos. With VLC I can set the audio timing to ± a number of seconds or fractions of seconds vs the video to compensate for the BT lag and to end up allowing the video and audio to be synced. e.g. I find that -0.42 or so allows no noticeable lag.

How can I do the equivalent in inFuse 5 Pro so that I can use it with a BT headset???

Manual audio timing offset is not currently supported, but is planned for an upcoming version.

Thanks. That wording begs two questions though:

Is there some automatic way that InFuse Pro can detect the lag with a BT headset?
Any clue when or how long before that ability will be available? Until then, it’s VLC for me on my iOS devices…

Infuse actually includes a built-in delay handling for Bluetooth devices, and in our experience this works well.

Are you able to provide a bit more info on the type of device you are using? Maybe we can replicate what’s going on here.

Interesting point regarding audio delay. Although i much prefer Infuse i do find i have to keep AVPlayer HD on my ipad for this ability alone.
While Infuse might have it built in to account for BT headphones etc, some of my films are out by default, so having the ability to fine tune the aduio delay is a huge plus IMO.
If/when we get this then AVPlayer can finally be put to rest.

Well, I’m quite impressed… I retried it and… you’ve got to give InFuse some time and it DOES somehow (how???) adjust the delay so that
it’s not noticeable. Woo hoo!! (how DO you do that?)

That’s one of the reasons I still keep my 5-year-old copy of XBMC “frodo” handy – not only can it play .ISO files, it has adjustable audio delay/advance capabilities.

I spoke too soon… The ones that worked were AVIs.

I tried an MP4 and… with the same BT headphone on the same iPad and… it wouldn’t delay the audio at all making it impossible to watch the video because it was so noticeably out of sync.

Sigh… Back to VLC I guess since I know that I can control the audio delay on EVERY file I play.

I’d like to support the request for audio offset. I think it’s a fairly basic feature which should be in there.

I also need to have the setting for audio delay for Infuse Pro 5 !!!

When I listen to music videos in my 2016 BMW on my iPad Pro, the sound is delayed…

Even if my iPad Pro is connected by lightning cable to my BMW soundsystem and sends the sound over that cable :frowning:

Dear James,

I am a very happy user of infuse PRO on my Apple TV, but like others in this thread, I regularly experience annoying audio sync issues (roughly 50ms in my case), especially with 5.1 audio tracks.

December 6, 2016, you said that the “manual audio delay feature” was planned for the next update of infuse. We had a couple of updates since and the feature is not yet available. Could you please tell us a bit more ? When should we expect this awesome feature in infuse ?



I just recently bought Infuse Pro and am very Happy. But for some Movies I have a very noticeable Audio delay. Is there a way to sync the audio ? like in VLC ?

Unfortunately its still not been implemented. AVPlayer HD has a slider that can adjust the delay, but not Infuse. I believe there is a built in video delay when using BT headphones but its not adjustable. I find it ok when using my Bose headphones and a good BD rip, but with a poor rip sometimes we need the extra adjustment as the file is already out of sync.
I find I still need both apps on my iPad.

5.7 version is released but still no Audio delay feature in settings. I do not understand what is the reason why this is not being delivered to us PRO customers. while VLC and AVPLayer HD and even NPLAYER Plus have this feature, Infuse (firecore) still remains mum about this. How can you enjoy the sound to a car stereo via Bluetooth if there’s no Audio delay sync setting??? Sheesh!

Yep… and Infuse 5 Pro still doesn’t let you play at various speeds either.
I’m seriously thinking of going back to VLC which DOES handle audio lag AND variable speeds.

Technically, I’m sure there is a reason why they won’t do it (deliver an audio delay adjustment feature). Cost-wise probably there is too. But I am willing to pay any amount of upgrade fee for this. Infuse Pro cannot be really considered the best IOS player for movies of all codecs if the audio delay can’t be solved.

It’s now 2020 and running Version 6.2.5 Pro … still no audio delay.

I’m the context of the original question you can adjust the wireless audio lag for headphones and wireless speakers within tvOS 13 settings menu.

good to know … I’ll have to check that out … thanks

While “nice”, that’s no help on my iPad… so I’m using VLC a lot mainly for 1.25 or 1.5x playback speeds of many video podcasts.

Please… infuse…