Infuse 5 Pro "forget" Metadata

How many movies/TV shows do you have?

Something like 250 movies and 400 series episodes.
So, I think it’s Not to much…

Same problem for me. It just occurred within the last 2 weeks and I had to “rescan” all my data for 4 times now. It seems totally random and I haven’t changed a thing. I running Infuse5Pro latest version, though. I am using around 6000 episodes (tv shows), so the rescan takes around 1 hour. I also noticed, that Infuse first fetches the meta data, then downloading the art works and then it does fetching of meta data again (of all files), before finishing up the initial library scan. :-/

You may want to start a new thread since this one is specifically for Infuse 4.

Oh wow, I’m so sorry!
This is a really bad typo!
I’m talking about Infuse 5 as well

Can I edit the thread name?

Looks like your back on track so don’t worry, heck I can’t tell you how many edits I do to my posts after I read them a second time. :wink:

Now to address your problem, it sounds like you have another app that is hogging resources and clearing out Infuses cache. This pops up occasionally and is how Apple manages storage.

What other apps are you running and also, the next time it happens you should send the logs from inside the app. Here is the page regarding that.

Infuse fetches info in a few separate stages. The 2nd metadata fetching (after thumbnails) Infuse is used to pull in specs about the videos themselves (duration, resolution, audio format, etc…)

This can happen when the ATV thinks that it is running out of space and clears out the cache of some apps. Unfortunately the amount of data that an app can retain is tiny. The best way to avoid is to reduce the number of apps or get a bigger apple tv. Honestly though, infuse with all its data probably uses <2GB for 95% of users.

It is unknown what level of free space causes this, but I have reduce some apps and have ~5-7GB free (it fluctuates->software updates, screensaver, etc) and haven’t had an issue for quite a while. I unfortunately don’t know how much I had free when I did have issues.

You can use an app called TV Storage Info to find out usage. Report here what you get and maybe eventually we can figure out the breaking point.

The whole system is running like this for the last 10 month or so.
Just 3 or 4 apps installed.
aTV says still 15 GB free.
But I will keep an eye on and will paste the logs the next time.

Just FYI, the free space is measuring what space the actual apps take up, not the supporting files for each app. One app that has been mentioned as being suspect is the Channels app. Seems it creates quite a large support file and may be taking other apps space. Also another suspect is the screen savers from Apple. Some people have it set for new downloads every day or what ever the shortest period is and that too may be causing issues for some.

I wrote a post about this and similar issues few days ago. Like the “Currently watching” and “Recently added” lists resetting. James replied that they are aware of the issues and it should be fixed in 5.7.2. Then yesterday it happened with my iPad as well. After a full metadata rebuild it started another one. 1000+ elements. And today it’s still doing it now. The iPad was charging during the night with Infuse open, but I suppose it went to sleep mode anyway (I don’t know, this iPad is my first iOS device. In Android when charging the foreground app keeps running). All movies and TV Shows are there, though. So it is usable.

Thanks for the clarification!

This happened to me today. I started up INFUSE on my Apple TV and all metadata is gone and my shares are missing.

All my shares disappeared today from my Apple tv also, even while I was watching a movie using infuse!
They have disappeared from my iPhone too, so it seems the changes propagated via iCloud
Very disappointed

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Yes, INFUSE on all 4 of my ATV’s have reset.

Did you both send in any diagnostics from the ATV after it happened? If it happens again send them in as soon as it happens and maybe that will help figure out what is going on.

Make sure to submit a diagnostic. Metadata and library rebuild is one thing but if your shares were removed, that’s something different.

Just happened to me…QCWH4

Yup, this is bizarre. There’s another thread that is a bit more on point for loss of shares along with metadata

You may want to post here too until firecore figures out what the heck fell off the electron truck.