infuse 5 pro crashes at start up

i have an apple tv 4 32g tv os 10.0.1 that works fine with infuse 4 and 5, i purchased 5 pro and downloaded it from the app store and it opens for a split second and crashes, tried rebooting, force closing apps and re downloading and install. do you guys have any ideas why it crashed

do you have any other versions of inFuse installed? You may need to remove them first.

i did have infuse 4 and 5 installed, after installing all versions and re downloading infuse 5 pro everything is now working good thanks

Just wanted to bring to your notice a small issue I am facing… since the version 5 upgrade there is some sort of bug that is not really allowing the syncing of shares between iOS and tv os devices … for example if I create a share in iOS then it will show as empty folder in TV os and vice versa… tried deleting every share and re adding just not happening. Thanks