Infuse 5 Pro capable of streaming from OneDrive?

Just to make sure, the v5 Pro version of Infuse can stream VIDEO_TS folders from OneDrive?

Over using the document providers (iOS Files App)?
Or only by adding the OneDrive account directly to Infuse?

What benefits over v6 Pro over v5 Pro do you see?

I could only see “optimized for iOS 12” vs “optimized for iOS 13”…
But what does that mean?

Many thanks!!! :slight_smile:

Can’t answer your main question as I don’t use OneDrive.

But for your question about differences between v6 Pro and v5 Pro, I suggest that you click on the ‘Releases’ link at the bottom of every forum page which details exactly what was new, improved or fixed in every point release.

Yes, OneDrive via Infuse 5 will be able to stream DVD folders.

While you are welcome to use v5, we recommend using v6 as it includes many additional features and will continue to receive many more in the coming months. Infuse 5 will remain usable, but will not receive any future updates.

A complete list of what’s new in v6 can be found here.

Many thanks.

16 Euro would be a no-brainer
30 Euro already… more problematic for something I may use only a very few times, but probably for many years - even if rarely.
The best would be the forever subscription,… need to contemplate about the price.

Many thanks for the information about OneDrive!