Infuse 5 Pricing

I can’t, it charge me $12.99 bucks

At the beginnig I tough that maybe was because the FlyTest, so

  1. I delete the beta version 5.x.x.x
  2. I droped the flytest thinking that maybe that was the problem, but is not. :frowning:
  3. I install the 4.0 Pro and wait for some update notice, but nothing.

Now I don’t have beta access and I only can buy the $12.99, not the upgrate.

Since yesterday I don’t have the Infuse, only the pro4 that I not set 'cause I don’t wanna use the old version…

I have no problem to pay the update, but I don’t wan’t that option, I want the year fee option

Some advice?

Question for anyone who may know. Say I subscribe and then 3 years later I decide I don’t want to stay subscribed anymore and unsubscribe. Would that mean I won’t be able to keep the infuse app? $21 bucks would literally go down the drain? Or would I be able to keep the version I would have that year?

I think it would just text to the free version, ie. with limitations.