Infuse 5 Pricing

I would suggest to send your critics also to the reviews of iTunes as they will be less likely to be ignored.
Even I understand the need for the author to get money with this high quality app, he simply need to buy an app and see that he needs to pay it again two months later for upgrades. What he would think?

I’m also very dissapointed. I only just purchased V4.3 Pro a few weeks ago, and Firecore doesn’t offer me any kind of discount on the new version. No way I will pay again to upgrade to V5. ?

I see also that the update for Infuse 5 is not free after i purchased the Infuse4 Pro for my iPad iPhone and Apple TV4 ?
Is it possible to downgrade to Pro 4 ? I do not upgrade my iPad and ATV4 so i can stay use the Pro4

This is not the wat to do it , if the update means to pay again i go back to Plex where you pay one time for use of it.

Really dissapointent about the way you do this.


So if you recently purchased Infuse Pro 4 (in the last 90 days) and meant to get Infuse Pro 5 instead, then you can apply for a refund direct from the Apple website (this is the only way, FireCore cannot help you with billing issues or refunds). DO IT FAST. Your chances of success will be higher the sooner you apply. I’ve had no problems claiming refunds up to 7 days after initial purchase, after 14 days I think your chances are very low. When you’re asked to select a reason for wanting a refund just remember that companies like money… they are usually happier to comply if they know you intend to buy something else from them instead, so choose something along the lines of “I meant to buy a different app”.

APPLE DOES NOT LET FIRECORE (NOR ANY DEVELOPER) OFFER DISCOUNTS AND UPGRADE PRICING. Direct your hate on this subject to Apple, because they make it very difficult for all developers, including FireCore, to do the right thing by their users. If you’ve been stung by recently purchasing Pro 4 then try the refund method mentioned above, because it does work. Just don’t abuse it.

If like me you’ve owned Pro 4 for some time and feel let down because you’d waited and wished for them to deliver the ability to search your library… wished and waited right up until receiving an email that Pro 4 is defunct and 5 is out, then join the club :slight_smile: I left my comment in the tvOS category by accident, but there it is. I hope more people repeat what I said. Is Infuse 4 Pro Dead? - #8 by Nomad

ah to late, to get back my money for infuse 4 pro… This purchase is not eligible for a refund.

What about telling the users that a new version is coming in a couple of weeks and they won’t be able to upgrade? At least that would be a sign of good will and not simply some kind of trick to trap users in an older version.

I’ve made refund procedure, and I have confirmation that it’s ok… so soon I will have my money back.
Everything took me some seconds since pressing send within the refund form - refund confirmation arrived almost at once.
My first refund in apple stre:)

So, let’s troll a little: nplayer or what?

The refund didn’t work for me…
Nplayer seems half of price and similar features. But what I really would like is to upgrade the player without going to the chore of copying again all videos and settings the points where I stopped watching them.
Also I can not really go to a subscription model. I never would remember that my card will be charged again one year away and this is a source of problems, I could be paying the subscription for ages even I don’t use it.
Also the no subscription version was 7£ before and now 10£

I purchased version 4 five weeks ago and I am no longer eligible for a refund. ?

You said before you bought it 2 months ago. How you was able to do it? I did it also two months ago and it is refused instantly.

THIS. Needs more highlighting. I love you man, thank you very much! Just got my 9,99€ for infuse 4 back and now I can happily use Infuse 5 :slight_smile:

My mistake, I found that the purchase was about 3 weeks ago. Have much work so my mind state is… strange.

What reason you added to get the refund?

Since you bought it very recently it looks like you can get v5 free for 1 year; see Upgrading to Infuse 5, pricing, and other details - General - Firecore

Nothing, it was within 14 days so I could refund.

Thank you very much for pointing this out to me itimpi. This should work for me!

:wink: I love you too. Glad to hear it. Seriously though the devs should have already told everyone this with a prominent announcement link on their website home page. And they should definitely have made a highly visible sticky on the forum… though i suppose it’s possible they’d be afraid of getting into trouble with Apple for advertising the refund system so openly. But I can :smiley:

App launches like this are always difficult for developers and customers, a large number of people will get left behind, it’s inevitable. The goal is to make the transition easy and costless for as many people we can, help people get their refunds if at all possible. Then buy the new version. I’m personally not able to do that.

I don’t know what pricing options are available in other countries but my advice is to avoid the in-app purchases and subscriptions in general, they’re limiting, just buy the full-priced one-time purchase app, then you can use Family Sharing too. ((Edit:apparently you can get family sharing going even with subscription option so long as you use the same trakt account on all family devices, if you don’t want to do that then get the one-time version. Infuse Pro: Purchases, Upgrades, and Family Sharing)) In the grand scheme of things it’s really not much money. I think it’s quite good value for money. They support their apps with updates for a decently long time. New app launches are infrequent. And it’s a universal app for iOS and tvOS, so they’re putting in double the effort for their Apple customers. I got an Apple TV solely for Infuse, worth it. I think it’s way better than running an inefficient Plex server that needs to transcode everything.

Reading through recent posts I can see that some people have tried and succeeded to get their full refunds, others have failed. As I mentioned in my last post, you’re likely to receive the refund if you apply within 7 days. Within 3 days and it’s pretty much guaranteed. After 7 days your chances are very much lower, after 14 days they’re virtually non existent. They SAY you can apply for a refund within 90 days but that’s only for truly exceptional circumstances, such as an app which had large number of refund requests and after investigation got pulled for being illegitimate. None of the refund requests are seen or handled by humans, the system bases its decision on how long it’s been, how many other people have requested a refund on that same app, and what reason you gave. The best answer in my opinion is that you bought the wrong app and meant to buy another, even if you don’t have the intention of buying one immediately. I believe Apple wants you to be happy so they keep your business, so give the automated system the answer it needs to give you a good result and make you buy another app.

Edit: they’re now offering free 1 year subscription to anyone who bought after 1st August 2016, you send them the Apple receipt and they’ll hook you up, Upgrading to Infuse 5, pricing, and other details This is a great solution if you aren’t able to claim a full refund from Apple like I mentioned.

Edits: Lastly, devs, build in universal search and alphabetic scrolling and multitasking/pip for Infuse Pro 4 as a gesture of good will for the customers left behind. Finish it off. I want another 3-6 months use out of it before I upgrade again. My bandwidth means I can’t use any of the cloud features in Pro5 so it’s not worth upgrading yet. If you want to impress and convince customers to buy Infuse pro 5 then make many more major visual changes to improve the UI, adding support for movie trailers, calendars for movie and tv series release/air dates, ISO plus Video_Ts support with full menus, and really sell people on the idea of parental controls, new stuff etc.


Haha oh yep my bad. Was this recently posted? nov 23? Whoever is listening, personally I’d just do a full refund and pay extra to buy the full app one-time. Subscriptions annoy me. And the developers deserve extra.

Since I couldn’t get a refund on version 4 (five weeks after purchase), this solution worked out well for me. I received an almost instant reply and everything was settled within half an hour. Having to rebuild my movie library in version 5 didn’t bother me much. Be aware however that the offer is “merely” a one year subscription to the pro version. All the same I think it is a decent gesture.

I purchased the APP (new to the Infuse) on the 12th Nov 16, didn’t see anything about a new app being released so soon or I would’ve waited. However offering a free year is extremely generous, so thank you.