Infuse 5 Pricing

If I understand correctly, Infuse 5 is not a free upgrade. Is that correct? (I’m not complaining. I just want to make sure I don’t buy it incorrectly. ;).

Assuming I’m right on the above point, I have a question about the $6.99 annual fee. Does this cover all future upgrades (e.g., 5->6, 6->7, etc)? If so, I think that’s a good route to go - especially if the features added in each major version continue like they have in the past.


  • Leon

I was about to post the same question.

I am not sure it is that simple! I am not even sure that it is meant to be a paid upgrade.

On the iPad version the App Store v5 free version makes no mention of the in-app purchase, and if you install it asks for a £6.49 annual fee to upgrade to Pro. On the other hand if you install the Pro version directly it says it is £9.99 with no annual fee.

All-in-all things seem a bit confusing, so I think we need an official statement from FireCore. Unfortunately this is one area that does not get exercised during beta testing so there could be a software error, or it could be something with the way FireCore have set up the App Store settings for inFuse.

Check out the blog:

The blog doesn’t specifically state that it’s a paid upgrade and doesn’t answer my question about what upgrades are included in the $6.99 annual fee.

Sorry for the confusion.

Infuse 5 is a paid upgrade, and if you choose the $6.99 in-app option this will cover ALL future updates (v6, v7, etc…).

Thanks, James. Time to buy the upgrade!

And if I bought a pro version , will i have to pay for v6 or v7 ?

Correct. If you choose to purchase the paid Pro app, it would be safe to assume you would need to purchase Infuse Pro to update to v6…whenever that may be. This is historically how software updates work, though we have been rather generous with updates in the past.


Infuse Pro 3: October 21, 2014
Infuse Pro 4: February 12, 2016
Infuse Pro 5: November 21, 2016

Since 4.0 was a free upgrade, I think expecting 5.x to receive free upgrade for minimum of 2 years is reasonable, particularly since $12.99 for Pro is almost the same as 2-years of $6.99 Pro In-App Purchase subscription. Ideally it should be much more than 2 years. Any ETA?

But that begs the question. Can we expect gradual price decrease of Pro 5 pricing?

If you ask me, I would’ve much prefer a single version with subscription model. While I understand offering a choice, and some folks really hate subscription pricing even if it offers superior value, having two versions seems rather confusing.

Infuse is the best player for IOS but it is really disappointing that I bought it less than 2 months ago and I need to pay again the same amount with -no upgrade discount-. And the version 5 is 10£ (around 13$), not really cheap!. I think I will keep for now the old version. You never know if in two months they will ask me again the same amount. I would expect more care for their users.

Apart of that there is no way to transfer my old library to the new version and the transition is far from seamless, specially with the bookmarks of videos in progress.

Lack of migration path from 4.x, lack of Tweetbot style bundle upgrade pricing, and expensive IAP subscription pricing strike me as rather hostile moves for existing user base.

Don’t get me wrong. 5.0 seems like a pretty good upgrade, particularly cloud stuff, and we’ve been getting free updates for awhile.

But I am not sure if 5.0 is worth recurring $6.99/year, especially since the library view hasn’t changed at all (at least as far as I can’t tell). Too bad. I feel a bit guilty that I am not supporting the developer this time around with some sort of payment. But $6.99/year or $12.99 one time for uncertain lifetime of the product do not appeal to me one bit, especially since I paid for 4.x few months ago.

What I would’ve liked to see: a single yearly subscription for pro features at more reasonable $4.99/year, with first year free for existing 4.x pro users.

So this will be the yearly fee no matter the version? On the other hand the pro version is twice the price with no yearly fee, and no upgrade pricing, but you pay for major updates? In either case, the functionality will be the same?

I am in the same situation, I bought 4.3 two months ago, now I have pay again, thought (and asked on this forum) that multitasking will be simply an update, and now this. I understand that it’s not possible to develop software with free upgrade for every generation, but you should consider different approach. Maybe info that some features will be in infuse 5? BTW I asked about pip in 4.3 on the forum last month. Didn’t get any info. Now I have to pay once again to get this. It’s not honest.

I think that would make sense at least a discount for recent buyers. No way I will pay the double for two months too early. As I said no doubt this is the best player of IOS but no really the best treating costumers.

I bought Infuse 4 last week for $14.99 Canadian. I’m pretty bummed about being told to pay $17.99 to upgrade to 5. Will version 4 still get updates and support?

I contacted the company and asked if they going to provide some sort of discounted upgrade pricing and was told no. At last they could do is give me the upgrade free. Like I said it’s been like 4 days.

So in essence,

For all future updates, opt for the $6.99/yr option.
For Just v5, opt for the $12.99 option.
There is no v4 to v5 upgrade discount and it’s not for free.

It’s cheaper than buying ONE new release HD movie from iTunes.

These things even themselves out. I’m sure you catch my drift.

I’ve paid 10 euros less than month ago. I find it unfair that I’ll have to spend another 12 euros for the new version. At least offer some discount for the existing customers who haven’t benefited from free upgrades yet. If I understand correctly, your pricing includes some sort of Dolby consumer license and I don’t understand why the existing users should pay for it again?

Whaaat… I’m totally disappointed. Just bought the IPhone and the IPad Pro Version and now I should pay again if I like to have the improved Version of infuse. Hey guys, as much you Software was really promissing for me I guess I need to change to someone else with not that horrible price politics.