Infuse 5, multiple video servers, and iCloud

So before proceeding and possibly making a mess of my database, I would like to ask a question. This is my current configuration:

  1. Apple TV 4 with latest os.
  2. iPhone 6 with latest os.
  3. QNAP NAS.
  4. RavPower compact wireless media server.
  5. There are times while using the iPhone where I will use my NAS to view videos and times when I will use the RavPower to view videos.

Not sure if you are familiar with it, but the RavPower is a wireless device which can be used as a media server. The device/router/media server has a 128GB SD Card, with about 15 videos. I normally use it when I travel. Typically, my iPhone will link with the RavPower wirelessly via an SMB connection. There are also times when I will use the iPhone to connect to my home NAS server. With Infuse 4 Pro it worked great. With Infuse 5 Pro (already purchased, and loving it) I am concerned about the iCloud sync function. Since I will be using two different data sources (the NAS & the RavPower) will this cause problems/conflicts/confusion with the data in my iCloud account?

Thanks in advance for your prompt response.