INFUSE 5 - ISO Support now?

Hi, Like many others I have more than a thousand movies ripped into ISO format on my NAS. Converting them into another format/container is not a practical option. Is version 5 ISO ready? If not will you consider it?

Not yet, but it’s currently under active development.

We’re looking for a few testers to play with an early beta in the next week or so if you’re interested. :wink:

Of course I am interested!! So many years after your nice AtvFlash and one of the first adopters of infuse, primarily to help development, will give value to my IOS devices. Please tell me how to proceed. Regards!

I’ll get you signed up. Keep an eye out for more details in your inbox soon. :wink:

Hi James, I received the invitation to TestFlight Infuse Pro today. I immediately installed and configured it to my network, samba protocol. Like in previous versions, it refuses to see .iso files, reporting the directory is empty, so not able yet to test.
Please indicate how should I interact and report as a beta tester.

i have not seen this listed (yet anyway) as a 5.2 feature. what IS in the 5.2 beta is support for VIDEO_TS folders (and their contents). This is almost certainly a pre-cursor to the .iso support, but how soon after that the .iso support comes I have no idea.

James Please Put me also on The List.
In you wanna try any Format i have it. .
After The Support of TVix Box ended i was looking for something like Infuse.
Adding iso and blueray rips whould be a Big Step.

Hi I have a library of ISO and would be interested in joining the beta test group for 5.2. Currently running the pro version, Thanks.

not sure that .iso support is going to make the 5.2 release as it the current beta does not list it as an outstanding issue. What IS in the 5.2 release is support for VIDEO_TS folders which is a pre-requisite for the .iso support to work. I am just guessing but I suspect that .iso support is likely to to be in a later release. However since I would not be surprised to see the 5.2 release making it out of beta in January that does not mean that .iso support is necessarily that far off.

Hope the Iso Sipport will come. But more Pain is that i have a lot of BDMV files ( my Ripped Bluetays) which are not supported. I think these type of file is much more impotand.

i thought that DMV files were just information files, and did not contain any video?

Correct, The BDMV files are information. The m2ts files which reside in the Stream folder contain the video streams.
With regards to the beta, I would still be interested in joining it as I have a tonne of Video_TS folders which I was contemplating converting to ISO so support for them is welcome news.

Inside the BDMV folder youl find the sreams and all other Data shich repredents the Blueray.
This is something like video ts folder.
Iso/ Video ts/ BDMF is all format which ibthinkbis A must Support.
My 5 Years Old Tvix Box does it well. But after the Company was closed there is no longer Support and so i decided to Seitch to Apple Tv.

I have a 1000-odd movies backed up to iso and would love to be a beta tester for an ISO supported Infuse!!

There’s an outside chance this will make it into the 5.2 release which will be available later this month. :wink:

Outside chance?? Negative Ghostrider, let’s hope it’s an INSIDE chance!! Even though I have the Pro version on Infuse 4, I’d HAPPILY upgrade to the 5 if this happens!

Ok, how about we compromise on a ‘fair’ chance. :wink:

We’ll have more certainty once we get a bit further along with the integration over the next week or so.

Looks like some .iso support WILL appear in 5.2 as it is now working in the latest beta :). Initial release appears to be limited to DVD .iso files but that is a good start! Also at this moment (like the VIDEO_TS support) it only plays the main item and does not give you the DVD menu.

If anyone is interested in testing ISO support before the official 5.2 release, please drop me a PM and I’ll get you set up. :slight_smile:

I would likewise love the opportunity to beta-test InFuse.
Been following the .iso-debate for long, since it would absolutely be a valuable addition to an already great product.