Infuse 5 in app pro upgrade or?

Hi folks

I´ve just purhased the infuse 5 app and paurchased the pro monthly package inside the app…

As i´m considering to pay for a year or lifetime, i´m wondering if i should purchase the infuse 5 pro app in the store or use the in app lifetime upgrade?

I have 3 x apple tv 4.gen (1080p) all on the same apple id. Should i be aware of not being able to share the pro version on all devices if i choose the pro purhase over the lifetime upgrade?

It is up to you! If you buy inFuse Pro v5 from the App Store then you will have to pay again to go to v6 (or later). If you upgrade to Pro via the in-app purchase on inFuse 5 free then this includes upgrades to v6 and beyond at no additional cost.

A thread with more info on the differences between each version can be found here.

Thanks. Sorry but i didn’t Understand the family sharing part in Apple tv. If using the same account om All devices the pro version should automatic be enabled on all devices, yes?

If you are logged into the same Apple ID on all devices, then Pro will automatically be available to you on all device.

In other words, you only need to buy it once. :wink:

That´s what i thought. I´ve already purchased the in app pro monthly but can´t seem to upgrade to lifetime? should i wait to the month is over to upgrade again?

You can switch from a subscription to lifetime by tapping the ‘View Subscription’ option found under the Infuse Pro logo in Settings.

Already tried that several times but can´t seem to make the purchase although enough funds on my account. maybe it´s an apple problem?

Hmm, it could be yes.

Also, sometimes restarting your device is a good way to clear up App Store issues.

Did that also. without any luck :slight_smile:

it´s really weird because i purchased the monthly package without any problems. If i go to apple tv setting-account i can see my package still in trial and can only choose monthly or yearly - but lifetime only inside the infuse app settings. I can purchase the yearly package okay also? Could it be a problem with the lifetime package not integrated proberly in itunes?

Sorry for the confusion.

Since the lifetime license is one-time purchase, it’s technically not a subscription. For this reason, it will not appear in the Subscriptions section of the App Store, but you should receive an invoice from Apple a day or two after you made the purchase.

that´s okay :slight_smile: So this must be a itunes problem? I still can´t seem to complete the purchase and contacted itunes support again today. They can´t see anything blocking the purchase though? Maybe i should wait until tomorrow where my free one week trial of the monthly pro purchase expires and see what happens then?

edit: found a previous thread that describes my exact problem here: Error Purchasing Special Lifetime Subscription

Back to scratch: My pro trial is now ended and infuse ask me to upgrade. Lifetime is still not possible for me to purchase (billing can´t be completed, contact itunes support)
Itunes staff still doesn´t see any problem with my account? Have tried to reset apple tv and my iphone, but i still can´t complete the purchase. Only monthly and yearly are possible to complete.
Dear Infuse staff, please help me here…

Just brainstorming here, have you tried logging out of your itunes account on all devices and then logging back in and then trying to do the lifetime?

Yes i have tried that

Not sure where you’re located country wise but did you say you had the funds that would cover $45 for the lifetime sub in your account (or what ever currency you use) and it wouldn’t take it? Do you by any chance have another recent purchase against your current balance that may be taking up some of the funds that would be needed for the lifetime sub but isn’t showing yet?

It really sounds like an Apple issue to me but who knows.

I have more than enough money both on my itunes account and my credit card (also tried another card to be sure)

Yes it seems a lot as an itunes problem, but they are not very helpfull i must say :frowning:

Maybe next call to Apple you could ask that your problem be escalated to the next level of support. Sometimes the first level are reluctant to push it up the ladder.

Good luck!

Thanks. As for the itunes support i have already been moved to the next level support but they haven´t fixed anything yet…

Maybe it´s just me but i keep thinking: shouldn´t this be an easy fix, if ex. the account is locked or frozen in any way?

I suspect my solution to be creating a new itunes id and try again. Allthough I can´t see, why it should be necessary at all, to solve this myself …