Infuse 5 Freezing upon resume on iPad 11

IOS Version: 12.1.1
Infuse Version: 5.9.2

To reproduce:
Partially watch a video
Close / stop video
Close application
Open up application after a period of time has passed - 5 minutes in last test
Application becomes unresponsive and takes 1 - 2 minutes to resume or has to be force quit to function again

Let me know if you need anything else from me.

Are you streaming from another device, or are these files stored locally on the iPad?

It’s possible Infuse is waiting for the source device to wake up, which is causing the delay.

If you are able to send in a report (and open a support ticket) the next time this happens we can take a deeper look at what may be causing this.

I will open a support ticket as it happens every time I open the application. And to answer your question I am not streaming anything locally. I am using Plex. I will detail the information in the ticket in the event it is another issue. Apologies on using the wrong channel for communication.


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