Infuse 5 free and Pro give different price choices?

Hello everyone,

I’ve been an Infuse 4 (I think Pro?) user for a good while now, and became interested in upgrading to v5 in order to get the free upgrade to v6 early next year. So I thought I’d download the free version for ATV to see what the difference is between v4 and v5.

The strange thing that dumbfounded me was the following: in the free version, you get rather expensive subscription options that you have to pay yearly of buy a lifetime-version of ± $30 or so. But the paid version is a one-time purchase of $14,99. I thought that the free version would also give me the option of a one-time purchase as well, but it feels like it tricks you into thinking that a subscription model is the only way to go.

Am I seeing this wrong, or are there actual differences when using the app with a subscription or buy option?

Thanks in advance for clarifying it :slight_smile:

Explained in the 1st paragraph of Infuse Pro: Purchases, Upgrades, and Family Sharing

Blimey, completely missed that. Thanks for the wake up :slight_smile:

Now I had see mention by James that there may be a special offer for recent purchases of the one-off Infuse app purchase, but what that actually means I don’t really know.

I believe there is still a great price for those who purchased Infuse 4 to upgrade to lifetime subscription.

Check here Infuse Pro: Purchases, Upgrades, and Family Sharing

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