Infuse 5 does not load on tvOS

Hi everyone.

Downloaded Infuse 5 (free & pro) on tvOS, but the app does not start (no crash, no screen loading, no nothing… litterally, nothing seems to happen, i remain on the main tvOS page/menu like i did not click). Tried to delete and reinstall the app, still no luck.
Does anybody have a solution ? An idea maybe ?

Thank you.

HI ,
try long press on the item and than you can choose “use local metadata” instead of using online metadata.
i believe this is item specific , though haven’t verified it .

If you have the beta installed that needs removing first/

I think you’re talking about items inside the app… i can’t actually get in.
There is no option when i long press the app icon.
Thanks though

No, no beta… just v4 Pro :slight_smile:

Ok, i forced reboot the Apple TV… it’s working now… :slight_smile: