Infuse 5 crashing when I play certain MKV files

~ is generally designated for temporary files or hidden files or backups. Perhaps infuse 6 is now ignoring those specific files because they are generally not wanted.

This is the only thing that seems to work with folders finding my custom artwork within the ‘TV’ folder. A ‘~’ in the file name (which is visible) is a small price to pay to get the artwork covers I like.

Hello, I am from Taiwan. Recently, v5 often crashes,I want to try if v6 can solve the situation, but there is no way to try it. I can provide my purchase receipt, please help me to deal with it
thank you

Did you try following the information in the post from James shown above?

Hi James Earlier on my Apple TV 4, under the v5 version, the app would crash back. I can now provide my v5 purchase receipt, can I try v6? Thank you for your help

Yes. You can get a free year when upgrading from v5.

I tried all the v4/v5/v6 versions of appstore, but I couldn’t try it

I can provide my v5 pro purchase proof, can you help me try v6?

This is my v5 pro purchase certificate. My v5 Pro keeps crashing. Can I try v6?

No “1 year trial” prompt

It looks like you may have had a trial of Infuse Pro at some point in the past, and Apple only allows a single trial per Apple ID.

I’m sending you a PM.