Infuse 5 - Collections, what a difference that makes!

Hi all,

The recent addition of Collections has make a huge difference for me, thanks very much for adding it.

I was particularly pleased to see the contents of collections are ordered by release date, which is really important from a presentation POV and essential for working out what to watch next with things like the James Bond collection that has over twenty shows. But it’s not so good for collections like Star Wars but I’m guessing there’s not much that can be done about that, so no problem then.

Now it’s worthwhile there are a couple of other, hopefully straight forward, things that would also make a big difference to my viewing experience.

But first a couple of questions.

Tell me what the iCloud sync actually does, I have enabled it on two ATVs and I don’t see what it gets me ( is also enable on both)?

I see InFuse Pro and 5.1 in the setting panels so I think I have signed up for the annual subscription but I don’t know if I have the discount as an InFuse Pro 4 user.
Is there any way I can find out these things?

Now the enhancements that would make my experience even better.

Subtitles, there’s no indication of what they are.
Like what language the track is and whether they are a forced subtitle or not would be really helpful.

Chapters, ideally a graphic and a time offset alongside each would be best but a time offset alone against each would at least make them useful.

For now that’s my wish list, hopefully these are doable and you think they would be worth adding.