Infuse 5, Can it play....

Yo All

Before i buy Infuse 5, can it play ISO and Vob files.

Infuse 4 could not play them.



not at the moment! However support for VIDEO_TS folders (which therefore give .vob files) is definitely coming with 5.2. The .iso support is then intended to follow - whether it is going to make 5…2 or a later release I have no idea.

If they don’t add a deinterlacer, DVDs are going to look horrible.

Already done for 5.1. :wink:

This is great and a much (and long) awaited upgrade. All of my files are VOB and after I upgraded my apple-TV I had to sling the files from VLC and a laptop. Terrible experience, and I’ve been a Firecore supporter since the very beginning. Can’t wait to start using your product again. I’ll definitely support through subscription once I can use it for VOB files on the new ATV.


I absolutely love Infuse. I go back to the aTV2 days with flashblack and I’ve enjoyed Firecore products since day one. Once vob and iso support is on Infuse for aTV there will be no other product in this market a consumer should even consider. I tell everyone I encounter with a modicum of tech saavy to take a look at Infuse. Thank you guys for a wonderful product!


Is this in fact released in 5.1? Or are we still waiting for this feature before we can buy it?


it did not make 5.1. However it IS in 5.2 which has just had its first beta release.

Back in November James had said that the VIDEO_TS support was being worked on (and therefore assumed would be in the next release which would have been 5.1, hence the statement by itimpi). The feature is under active development.

But since the original announcement by James, FireCore decided to make a 5.1 release before the Christmas break with some other features which have already completed development and testing. This means the VIDEO_TS support which has not yet completed development and testing will now probably be in the 5.2 release which should be the 1st release of 2017.

I personally am looking forward to the VIDEO_TS (and hopefully soon afterwards the .iso) support with eager anticipation.

But, yes it does mean you will have to wait a bit longer.

Thank you so much for the response! I have the old black v2 ATV and the new one, but haven’t installed the new one yet until I can get the upgrade. Sadly I put all my movies onto a NAS in raw VOB format which I can play on the v2. Can’t wait to try out the new software AND hardware! :slight_smile: Have a great holiday all.