Infuse 5 Buffering Larger Movie Files Indefinitely

Hi there!

I’ve been using Infuse for a fairly long time, and have been loving it. The movies I’ve been watching until now were about 5 GB in size (1080p x265 content), and were streamed from my laptop to the Apple TV over Google Wifi via SMB.

I decided to start watching better quality, and have a few movies about 12 - 15 GB in size (1080p x264 content). However, Infuse isn’t working too great with them. Trying to skip a particular scene, or playing after pausing causes the buffering symbol to come on, and the movie never plays again.

This is on the ATV 4 (not 4K) and my laptop used is a MacBook Air (2010 - 2.13 GHz Core2Duo - 4GB RAM - Windows 7).

What I want to understand is, is ATV 4 or the slow MacBook Air the problem for playing large files, or am I doing something wrong? Because as I understand going through forums, Infuse can easily handle roles playing over 20Mbps.

Please help me out with this!

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Seems like it’s most likely a network issue. How is your MacBook Air connected to your network? How is your Apple TV 4 connected to the network?

Both are connected via WiFi.

Do you recommend I connect a switch to my router, and add my ATV and Mac to it via Ethernet?

Yes, if possible connecting both your Mac and Apple TV via Ethernet will provide in much faster performance. Even connecting just one of them via Ethernet and keeping the other on Wi-Fi would help.

Thank you, James!

Will try this out and revert.