Infuse 5 Apple TV4k and Movietrailers Plexpass


is there an update with infuse 5 to get a trailer button in the menue like in the plex app?
i have the plex pass and in the original plex app there is a trailer button but in the infuse app not.

Thx marc

No answer?

Currently there is no way to watch trailers in Infuse.

There is a suggestions forum here where you can enter suggestions for future updates and see what others have suggested.

There is one here Trailers that addresses Trailers that you can add your support to.

But I don’t understand what is the problem because in plex I got this Button trailers as plexpass is only a button ??
Thx for links ???

Trailers are not currently supported in Infuse, but it’s something we’re considering for a future update.

You can show your support for this feature by voting on this thread.

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