Infuse 5 API for TVOS


I was just wondering if there is any published API for Infuse 5 for tvos. I would like to integrate infuse library with a third party home automation application in order to display the library content on the remote control interface of the phone.

I have contacted the support for this but haven’t received any reply yet.


There isn’t anything like this right now, but depending on your scale we could potentially look at integrating something custom to achieve this.

Feel free to drop me a PM if you want to discuss further.

Thank you James,
I am actually using Simple Control application for my home automation and when I asked them to see if this is possible with Infuse, they replied that this would be possible if there is any published API available. Here is the website just in case you are interested since you asked about the scale of this. They have already integrated this feature for Kodi and Plex for Apple TV and it would be nice to have it for Infuse as well.