Infuse 5 and infuse 5 pro?

Whats the difference and do they both have yearly subscriptions?

Infuse 5 is a subscription for Infuse which is currently at version 5.7 . You can choose to subscribe on a monthly or yearly basis or a lifetime subscription. This will entitle you to all future versions of Infuse with all the pro features including version 6.X, 7.x, and on as long as you maintain your subscription.

If you purchase the Infuse Pro 5 app for the $14.99 price you are entitled to use Infuse version 5 with all the pro features and any further version 5 updates but you will not be able to use future versions like Infuse 6 or 7 and on.

What would you recommend right now? is 6 on the horizon? I do not mind paying for such a great app just looking for which is the best use in my scenario.

I will be using it on ATV to stream my plex library

I don’t have a crystal ball so as to when V6 comes out is anybody’s guess. I also don’t use plex but those that do seem to be excited.

I personally just go with the annual and am considering going lifetime next due date.

thanks for your help! I assume we wont have any idea how much 6 will cost.

Is there a thread with info about 6 i can check out?

I guess for now ill pay monthly and go from there. Im still making sure this has solved most of my issues with plex and ATV, so far it seems to!

There’s no version 6 thread yet but you can see what’s on the radar here Upcoming Features (updated 12/19/23)

The first post is updated as the possible features are dialed in for each release.

You can also look at the ‘Releases’ link near the bottom of every forum posting to see when Infuse versions have been released … and then you can guess when you think Firecore will release version 6. But the reality is only Firecore really knows when they will do it and I would think they are unlikely to announce it much before it is actually released.