Infuse 5.9 stops showing Data

Since I installed the 5.9 on my Apple TV 4k, Infuse stops working properly when browsing the video library for a few minutes.
If I go thru my movies and select one to see the plot and actors information, Infuse stops showing this Infos after a few minutes.
Than I only see the Poster and Wallpaper when opening the detail view, all text elements are missing.

And if this happens, the Up Next List ist deleted, it’s completly empty.

What type of device are you streaming from?

Are you able to play these videos, and just the textual metadata is missing?

Hi James,

I have a SMB Share connected from a Qnap NAS.
And yes, only the Text Parts are missing. Playback is working.

This happens since the Update to V5.9

I’m using Infuse since V5.0 on my Apple TV, and this never happend before.
To get the text parts back, I have to terminate the Infuse App.