Infuse 5.7 = Worst update so far


So how do I turn this new interface off and go back to the old one.?

I mean seriously.!! If I’d wanted to use PLEX I’d have downloaded their app for free in stead of paying a premium fo this one…

Infuse please add an option to have the standard interface with none of the clutter…


Instructions are literally on the infuse websites homepage! on how to customise the infuse homepage.

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You can turn off everything and have it look just like before. Just go to the library headings being displayed and long press to eliminate the list or favorite.

There still doesn’t appear to be an option to turn off “top rated movies”…

I do hope this app isn’t going in the same direction as PLEX has… the thing that was nice about infuse was that it was a clean uncluttered interface… obviously not so much now…

There you go! now you should have zero lists, and back to your original setup, this is why the homepage is customisable people who don’t like it can just remove the lists, everyone wins.! Nothing to complain about.

Library>Movies>By Rating>Top 30 Long press on “Top 30”

Thanks, will look into that.

This would be a lot easier for if the settings had a section called ‘home screen’ rather than nesting these settings elsewhere. I had no idea these settings were available.

I don’t think of library and home screen as the same thing.

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