Infuse 5.7 not discovering all media

I’ve decided to get my libraries on iOS. After multiple attempts to scan just movies, Infuse has discovered about half, but seems to be unable to discover the rest. As a side note, the speed improvements are noticeable–so Infuse does find stuff faster. It’s just unfortunate that it’s suddenly unable to find a lot.

It seems that Infuse finds media in batches instead of once, spread across some time limit. In total it took three scans to find all the movies. There were multiple scan attempts in between, but they would not discover anything new. It’s almost like Infuse self-throttled itself to avoid abusing the source, which I’m totally cool with. I think that’s an improvement. I’m just trying to discern if that is in fact what happened and by design, or whether this is just anecdotal experience and coincidence.

I write it before, but i can really tell that scanning time has improved.

Are these Plex Cloud libraries by chance?

If so, Plex Cloud works a bit differently and is something we’re hoping to support more robustly in an upcoming version.

Same problem here. Using Plex Cloud.

No, I did try the beta and had that issue, and then disconnected from Plex.

The issue I’ve had was entirely on Infuse’s connection to Google Drive. Plex integration is not enabled. Bear in mind, the rest of the items were eventually discovered; it just took several hours in between attempts.