Infuse 5.7.4 + AppleTV OS12.0beta(16J5313d)20180705

Set as follows, cannot play, shows “error loading content” (wording may not exactly same as I am using Chinese interface)

AppleTV: Audio format(off), Dolby Atmos(on).
Infuse: Audio(passthrough)

I see youtube someone gets “Atmos” lights on on amplifier successfully. Why can’t I get the same.

Any solution? Or I just wait for next update of Infuse or Apple TV OS12?

You’ll note that on that youtube video you never actually hear any sound. The current beta doesn’t work on outside sources. It will cause the receivers to display Atmos but it doesn’t actually output any real Atmos signals.

If you plan on using the tvOS beta 12 then you will need to disable the Atmos in settings.

I see. But for my case, I can’t even saw the Atmos light from amplifier display.

But it doesn’t matter anyway it’s not working.

But I could still expect for “audio passthrough” from official TVos12, right?

I’d expect nothing from a beta and until they publicly announce that they will support pass through I’d not even worry about it.

Business will dictate what the final configuration of tvOS 12 will offer.

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