Infuse 5.6 — List View Season Artwork Missing

I just updated my iOS to Infuse Pro 5.6, and the season folder artwork is now missing in Library List View. I am used to the season artwork missing in File List View, but it has always been available in Library Mode. I already double checked, and this is only affecting the iOS update, the tvOS update still displays all season artwork correctly.

Are you browsing via Library or Files?

I am browsing via Library mode… I am already used to missing Season Folder artwork (in List View) when browsing via File mode — that has always been the case with Infuse Pro v5.

But now the same issue is also occuring when browsing via Library mode. Basically, all TV Season folders (in List View) show blank folder images instead of the poster for that season. Keep in mind this is simply a metadata / artwork fetching issue, all episode video files remain intact and fetch their metadata without any issues.

*** This bug is only apparent on the iOS version (5.6 update) – the tvOS version fetches season posters and displays them correctly in both views (grid, list) when browsing via Library mode ***

Good catch.

We’ll take a look at this and see if we can get it fixed up.

Sounds good, thanks for the speedy response!

Btw, I figured I should mention this since its basically the same topic… I noticed that v5.6 for iOS has updated a lot of the ways artwork is displayed. I assume some (or all) of these changes are intentional, but some have adverse effects that may have been overlooked.

#1) iOS Favorite artwork (File mode, List view)
- Favorites (in List view) now display cover artwork in 1:1.5 instead of 16:9
- However, local source file is still “favorite-atv.jpg”, which is 16:9 so the image gets cut off when displayed in 1:1.5
- Solution #1: for iOS, use only the “favorite.jpg” file for both Grid View & List view
- Solution #2: create a third favorite naming option, “favorite-ios.jpg” or “favorite-list.jpg”

#2) iOS TV Episode Thumbnail Replaced by Series Poster (Library mode, File mode, Grid view, List view)
- Every TV Episode (in Grid view) used to show a Thumbnail from that specific episode, I believe it was fanart (16:9) fetched from TVDb
- Now every tv episode shows the same series poster (1:1.5) instead
- I noticed the only Infuse browser that was preserved the TV Episode thumbnails is Grid view on the tvOS version.

We’ll get #1 fixed up…that’s likely just an oversight on our part.

Regarding episode artwork, we’d like to look at re-integrating this into the new UI at some point, and will need to work through a few design ideas.

Awesome thanks!

In the mean time, I’ve always wondered… When it comes to TV artwork is there a difference between a fanart image vs. thumbnail image? Or is a TV Episode’s fanart the same thing as the Episode’s thumbnail?

Also, if possible, would providing a local fanart (or thumbnail) image for every single TV Episode solve the issues from Problem #2?

TV shows have 4 different artwork variations.

  • Series poster (2x3)
  • Season poster (2x3)
  • Series fanart (16x9)
  • Episode image (16x9)

PS - Infuse 5.6.1 was just released which fixes list view season and favorite artwork.

Yes 5.6.1 appears to have fixed both list view Issues!

Based on the 4 different artworks for TV, an episode image is the same thing as a thumbnail. Now that I know this, the #2 issue I was referring to previous is the fact that for every TV series, all of the episode images have been replaced by the series póster & for Movies, the fanart image (that used to show up in List View) has been replaced with movie poster. But I suppose the Movies issue is actually kinda nice, and you said you are working on implementing some instances back in the future.

Thanks for all your help!

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