Infuse 5.6.11 can not access my Synology NAS with NFS

Hi Guys,

I have enabled the NFS service on my NAS, and setup the share folder’s NFS permisson as the attachment, but my infuse still can not build a connection with NAS. even my another android device which installed KODI can access my NAS with NFS.
that’s really wired
Infuse version: 5.6.11
DSM version: 6.1.3
tvOS 11.3

That’s weird Kodi can see it and Infuse can’t.

I would suggest setting the Squash to ‘Map all users to admin’ (helps with permission issues, and since you have it set to ‘Read’ and not ‘Read/Write’ it shouldn’t be an issue) and then ‘Allow connections from non-privileged ports (ports higher than 1024)’. I would lock it down a little more by putting your private IP range in the hostname or IP field, i.e. ‘’ just as a little added security.