Infuse 5.4.2 Black Level / Color Handling

Noticed in the latest changelog for 5.4.2 there were updates for:
-Improved color space handling and color conversion for more accurate colors
-Improved black level accuracy

Does you have more technical details what this changed and how it effects lossless playback of blu-ray ISO’s and MKV’s?

In short, 5.4.2 displays colors and black levels more accurately, which will provide a subtle improvement on almost all file types.

The more geeky answer is the new update allows for better detection of color space tags, better handling of untagged videos, a new shader, and more accurate color conversion matrices. These changes will be most noticeable with BT.709 (most HD) videos, animation in particular. We’ve also resolved some OpenGL related issues which were causing inconsistent black levels in some cases.

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