Infuse 5.3/5.4 issue with Age Ratings

OK, bit the bullet and followed Bullseye’s advice. I deleted the Infuse app. This in turn removed all local config and metadata. Re-installed the app. It immediately gave me back my config from the cloud which included the NAS share and all favourites. I went into the Settings and turned on Metadata language to be Australia. Let infuse work its magic and rebuild the library. Note that I have yet to re-enable parent controls at this stage. I did lose all my watched statuses, but c’est la vie.

After completing the library rebuild, I went to check the Age Rating filter and alas, the duplication of G and PG rated movies has continued. Arrrgh!

I have also observed incorrect behaviour that seems to have been introduced in one of the 5.4 delta releases. If I attempt to load metadata for a movie that originally was loaded into Infuse and the movie had no Australian age classification (and thereby defaulting to the US rating), it will not refresh the Age Rating for the country of release I have asked it to. I have over a dozen movies that have had there Australian release information updated in weeks ago and it refuses to refresh this part of the metadata. 100% certain this was working fine for all the 5.3 releases and the 5.4 release. It changed after that.

Examples of movies where it is not refreshing are Stoker, Trance, Only Lovers Left Alive.

Anyone else seen this occur?

Well movie lover, I’m sorry this is haunting you. I do see one thing that may still be your issue. If you let the cloud reinstall your shares then this could simply be replacing the flawed with a copy of the flawed. I by no means am an expert or even a knowledgeable novice with infuse but I have been nailed with cloud back ups before when there was a corrupt file that was backed up to the cloud and then I got a perfect copy of that flawed file on a restore. I’d say you still have a chance of fixing things with a truly fresh start without the cloud stepping in.

As for the movies maybe something in the way their named is causing the problem. If you post their exact file names as you have them maybe we can figure out at least one of the issues plaguing you.

Heck just consider this a puzzle without a cheat sheet. :wink:

Thanks for your support Bullseye. I could give it another go and not use the cloud config. I think I would need to disable this in Infuse first before I deleted everything, otherwise it will just revert to the cloud settings (as it should).

In regard, to the movies I am having issue with, it is definitely not a filename issue. Infuse correctly identifies the right movie and downloads all metadata. Just not the country specific Age rating.

We have one potential fix for a few cases of this in progress for 5.4.4.

Stay tuned. :wink:

Thanks James. I will wait for 5.4.4 to be released before I follow Bulleye’s advice and delete everything and set up from scratch.

OK. Followed previous advice to the letter this time. Working from Infuse Pro 5.4.5.
Turned off icloud sync. Deleted share. Deleted App. Re-installed Infuse. Made sure icloud sync was still off. Added back share. Added favourites. Built Library. Same issue of two of the Age Rating groups being duplicated in the library view. Guess I’ll just have to live with it.

I did sort out the issue of country specific metadata not working as expected. Not an Infuse issue, was a problem. I was adding the country specific release information for certain movies. The site was accepting the release date info, but the certification mysteriously vanished for all entries I had added. So it had Australian release information, but was defaulting back to the US rating in absence of the Australian rating.

Could you provide an example or two of movies that are appearing in the duplicate categories (EG a title from each entry for PG-13).

In the G rated category,
The Lorax.m4v

In the PG rated category,
Zootopia 2016 BluRay 1080p AVC DTS-HD MA 7.1 x264-Home.mkv

Not sure how this helps James?

OK, totally random as I was about to invest a fair bit of time tracking down the root cause to this issue, but the duplication of age rating categories has gone away.
Was there a week ago under 5.5.1, so quite bizarre.

Only two things have changed. I have added content to my library, and I connected to a brand new account.

Either way, problem is gone and I can sleep peacefully at night once more …


Don’t tempt fate. :slight_smile:

Glad your past that hurdle!