Infuse 5.3/5.4 issue with Age Ratings

Thought I would try out the new parent controls in Infuse 5.3. First step was to change Infuse settings metadata language from Auto to English (Australia). Then proceeded to clear all metadata from the library and build from scratch.

Unfortunately, this did not work as expected. Infuse seems to have created a duplicate set of entries for two of the rating classifications. Refer to the image for a description. Dropbox - IMG_1777.jpg - Simplify your life.

In Australia, we have G PG M MA15+ R18+. As you can see, the G and PG entries have been duplicated. The movies in the first and duplicate sections are exactly the same.

The other issue is that it has retained PG-13 and R ratings for many of the movies as well. These are the US classifications, not the Australian classification.

Am I missing something here? Any advice to clear this mess up would be appreciated. There are no other issues with any of the other metadata retrieved for all movie and tv shows.

I cleared all of the metadata twice hoping it would resolve this issue.

PS. I didn’t even proceed with enabling restrictions yet until I get the metadata right.

Hmm, could you provide a few example titles you are seeing that have only the US ratings? Since we’re relying on TMDb to supply these ratings, it’s possible they may be listing AUS ratings for some, but not all titles. In these cases, Infuse would fall back to the US rating.

Also, with regard to the Library ‘By Age Rating’ filter - does clicking on each rating show at least one title, or are some of them empty?

In regard to the US ratings, I though that perhaps there was no AUS classification for certain movies and it would default back to US. I will investigate further when I have more time to spare. Just that there was a lot of them, not just a handful.

When I check the Age Rating filter in the library, all categories have entries against them, including the NR (Not Rated) category.

I have got another problem regarding parental controls. The Apple TV Remote App does Not work with it. I cannot unlock a Film by using the Passcode function. Only a manual selection (totally visible for my kids) is possible…
please change that, so that I can unlock content without revealing my passcode

First of all Infuse 5.3 seems to be the first media player which supports age ratings.
Thus I subscribed to the Pro version today.
Unfortunately the option doesn’t work for me.
I’m living in Germany and have my Metadata tagged perfectly.
Our Age restrictions are called “FSK” (free self control of the movie industry). Possible values are:


I have set Metadata to local and when I activate Parental Controls (“Kindersicherung”) I can only grant access by checking “Nicht eingestuft” (NOT RATED).
This doesn’t make sense to me. Is there a chance to set Parental Controls to FSK12?
iTunes recognizes all my tagged movies and minds the Parental Controls of the Apple TV. If it’s technically possible I would like to see Infuse use the Apple TV Parental Control for series and movies. Possibly make it an option to set it on ones own or set it to “system preset”.

Hope to see this feature improved in the next version.

Infuse has relatively limited support for embedded metadata at this time, and ratings are not something that it will currently extract.

For now, I’d recommend re-enabling the Metadata Fetching option while also leaving the Embedded Metadata option enabled. This would cause Infuse to use what embedded metadata it can from your videos, and then use the TMDb to fill in any missing gaps.

Alternatively, you could add external XML/NFO files with ratings added, though this would probably be a bit more work. More info on this can be found here. Metadata 101 – Firecore

Thanks, James,
Unfortunately that doesn’t help much. I set the prefs as recommended by you but the ratings are still not set and can thus not be used to allow certain ages.
I’m aware that this is the first version with parental controls. Thus I hope you’ll improve this in the future. I definately would like to see the ratings in the local metadata taken into account in a follow-up version.

One note, in order for Infuse to take advantage of the newly enabled setting you would need to use the ‘Edit’ option on a particular file to refresh the metadata or select the ‘Clear All Metadata’ option in Settings to force Infuse to refetch details for everything.

We may look at improving support for embedded metadata in the future, but one of the main reasons we haven’t focused on it much is the indexing performance is dramatically slower than when Infuse to fetches metadata from online sources. In our tests, it takes 3-4 times as long to index content with embedded metadata enabled, which adds up pretty quickly if you have hundreds of files.

Editing a particular movie works for me. Unfortunately it doesn’t work for all movies if I ‘Clear All Metadata’ option in Settings. So this is not practical.
Also tv series are not shown as rated.

We may look at improving support for embedded metadata in the future, but one of the main reasons we haven’t focused on it much is the indexing performance is dramatically slower than when Infuse to fetches metadata from online sources. In our tests, it takes 3-4 times as long to index content with embedded metadata enabled, which adds up pretty quickly if you have hundreds of files.

I see the point but when you let the user decide which data source they want this should be ok. One has to scan the whole library only once and when there is only one new episode or movie added the time difference isn’t important.

Again: This is the main reason for me to use and subscribe to Infuse Pro and I really hope to see it improving within the next versions.
Thanks for your ultra fast answers and support.

Hallo James,

What about the Issue with the Remote App?

OK, I have logged onto and added Australian classifications for dozens of movies, as Infuse was picking the US setting when an Australian classification didn’t exist.
I have cleared the metadata again, and am rebuilding from scratch with 5.3.1. Hoping this will also fix the duplicate categories showing up under the Age Ratings filter.
Fingers crossed.


One note, since TMDb uses heavy caching to deliver their content there may be a delay before the updated info is available (can range from a few hours to a day).

OK, the reload fixed all metadata issues but the duplicate categories in the Age Rating filter are still there in 5.3.1. Doesn’t affect functionality at all. Just an annoying bug. Keep up the great work Firecore!

I figured out what was causing the duplicate age ratings under the movie library for me. I had movies in two different shares and there were some duplicate movies in each. I found that if I went to the setting for library and deselected one of the shares that had duplicates in it I got only one of the ratings under movies by age rating as it should be. As soon as I re-checked that share I got the doubles back.

I have no duplicates in my collection, but do source material from two different shares (Movies and Kids Movies). That would explain why only the G and PG ratings are being duplicated, and not the M MA15+ and R18+. I will investigate further.

Now you’ve got me curious, I’ll try moving all of only one of the duplicated ratings from one share and see if that specific rating goes back to one.

Thanks for the clue!

Hopefully james will be able to get it corrected so you can have multiple movie shares with the same ratings and not have dups in the Library sort by age ratings if this turns out to be the case.

Just cleared all metadata and rebuilt the Library again, hoping the 5.4.2 release may have fixed the problem with duplicate entries when viewing through the Age Rating filter.
Alas, it is the same as before with two duplicated age ratings.
Hopefully, this can be looked at in the not too distant future as it is quite annoying.

I owe you an apology, I had worked on this problem for a bit and just as I got it fixed “life” happened and I got side tracked on posting the solution that worked for me.

After a few back and forth emails I had with firecore and their help I ended up deleting ALL of my shares (not just favorites) and re-added them back then waited for the database to rebuild itself. After this all of my duplicate rating issues were gone and I could have duplicate movies in different shares and correctly get only one each of the ratings on the Movie by rating list.

It took a bit to delete ALL shares and then re-add them and set up all the favorites again but it worked like a charm.

I hope this will cure your issues also!

I have previously deleted all my favourites and metadata before to tackle this problem. Didn’t think to delete the share. I only have one share, which is to the media directory on my NAS. I am at a loss as to why deleting the share may fix the problem. Also reluctant, as it creates non-productive work for me (sigh!).

I may have to wait for a dark & rainy day before I delete the share with the hope of it fixing the problem. Then again, I’ll probably just want to watch a movie :slight_smile:

I understand completely about being hesitant to delete everything including shares. I just chalked it up as a learning moment and found that it really was pretty painless. After deleting the shares it went back together pretty quick. I generated the shares and had the favorites re-added with folder art for the favorites in about 30 minutes and let it regenerate the metadata. As Bullwinkle said, PRESTO all was right with the ratings library.