Infuse 4

I spent a while trying to figure out why I couldn’t download Infuse 4 for my iPads and iPhones, but then finally realized it’s only for Apple TV at the moment. However, I’m glad to hear Infuse 4 is coming soon to iOS (iPhone & iPad & iPod touch), hopefully within a few weeks, before the end of 2015. I’m also glad to see it adds support for the iPad Pro. I have a couple of friends with the iPad Pro and they should be happy to hear that. However, what are the minimum system requirements for Infuse 4? Will it require iOS 8 or 9?

For me personally it’s not really a big deal because my main iOS Infuse machine is an iPad Air 2 running OS 9.2, but I’m still curious about support for older devices. My iPad 2 is also on iOS 9.2 but honestly after using iOS 8 and iOS 9 on this machine, I would say the sweet spot for that old machine may be iOS 7.1.2 running Infuse 3.6.x, for those out there who were smart enough not to upgrade past 7.1.2 on A5(X) devices.

I also have an iPhone 4, which is limited to iOS 7.1.2, but I don’t generally run Infuse on that anyway, but maybe my kid will when she’s old enough to use it as a hand-me-down.

Infuse 4 for iOS will require iOS 8 or later.

We hope to have v4 for iOS out by the end of the year. :slight_smile:

Thanks, good to know. I guess even if I did have an iPad 2 still with iOS 7 on it, I’d be upgrading the OS. Gotta have the latest Infuse on the iPad. :slight_smile:

I currently use the pro version of Infuse for iOS. All works great i love this app! But there is lots or bugs when movies are in x265 :confused: (I’m on iPad Air 2 and i tried the same movie on the VLC app and he works great). But i prefer use Infuse for multiple reasons (design, DTS HD and more…)
In the infuse 4 update, is HVEC 265 Will be improved ? Thanks a lot and sorry for my bad english

Infuse 4 is still not here does anyone know when it is going to be available?
Need it for my iPad Pro

infuse 3 runs fine on my iPad Pro? Why specifically do you need inFuse 4?

the same, do you know when infuse 4 will be available? Thanks for your support James

The performance optimizations in 4.0.2 for Apple TV took a bit longer than we expected - but the plus side is these improvements will also make their way to iOS in 4.0. We’re now working to finish up 4.0 for iOS, and hope to submit it to Apple later this month.

Going forward, the iOS/tvOS apps will share the same core - so features will be added to both at the same time.

Cool, looking forward to it.

And thanks for the insight into the development process.