InFuse 4.x Pro and 5.x Pro showing Pairing Message

When i´m watching Movies with Infuse 4.x an 5.x Pro on my iPhone 7, they are always (ca. every 30 sec.) showed me an Message that i can pairing my iPhone with an Bluetooth Device (unkown which one). But i think there is no BT Device near by me.

Is there an Option, where i can deactivate this?

Turn off Bluetooth in the iPhone Settings is no option, cause i´m using an Bluetooth Haedphone…

Thanks for Answer.

Markus :slight_smile:

This is a bug in the Google Cast SDK that we are currently looking into.

In essence, it’s trying to pair with a Chromecast that is set up with guest mode enabled.

This is the most frustrating thing and it seems its been an issue since version4 midway through last year. We use infuse pro to display video for clients and having a popup appear every time there is a guest available chrome cast in the vicinity is impractical. Just add a turn off cast and airplay option somewhere… PLEASE. Love the product and don’t want to drop it but this is seriously annoying. Now we are subscribing and paying ongoing for Version 5 this needs to be sorted.

A Switch for this function would be very good. :wink:

Sounds logical