Infuse 4 with Plex Server... marking random items watched?

Hello everyone!

I just got myself the new Apple TV and was very happy to see Infuse as one of the apps on the store. Using it on the iPad has been a blast to stream/download items on my servers.

I mainly use Plex on my ATV but when it comes to videos with subtitles, Infuse has come in handy. The only problem I’m having is that Infuse seems to mark random items watched or puts them “On Deck”

I stopped using Infuse briefly, went back to using Plex and everything seemed to be working okay. But today I woke up to see random old movies started on my Plex server! I asked my dad and he watched something from Infuse on his iPad through the Plex server - so it seems that Infuse is definitely causing this weird issue.

Any ideas on how to fix this? I like how Infuse integrates with Plex but for now, I will link it to the actual share instead of the PMS. Thanks for all your help.

Are you using the plex dlna server with Infuse?

Yes, using Infuse with a Plex DNA server - allows the files to play natively without any transcoding (especially subtitles)

If you use infuse not with the plex dlna server you dont have the problems you are talking about. Why not using smb or ftp or a different dlna server?


I recently started using Plex server for my media library, because I need Plex to burn in custom subtitles which are otherwise not displayed correctly and also for transcoding files when I’m accessing my library when I’m on the go. However, when I started using Infuse with Plex dlna server random titles in my library were being marked as watched on my Plex server. So pretty much the same problem as reported by jvl. How can I fix this? I really would like to use infuse as my player, but cannot do so until this issue is fixed… Hope someone can help me out! Thanks!