Infuse 4 Pro stopped working after 14.5

I was a happy customer of infuse 4 Pro. All features I paid when I bought it, as an one time purchase, were working until a few day ago. Now, after updating to ios 14.5 I can no longer use the app.

iOS message says “Developer needs to update the app”. Therefore that means it must be something easily fixable from firecore side.

I am not asking for any new features of infuse Pro 6, I am just asking for getting back the fundamental option to use the app I paid for. There are so many other apps in the app store, which haven’t been updated in years, but they continue to work post 14.5.

And a side note for subscription. There are people who find value in subscription models and people who not.

I would happily pay for the infuse 6 Pro (in my country it costs 43,99€ which is a lot around 3-4x times my original infuse Pro 4 purchase) but I would do it to support your development. However, that purchase (which I repeat is a lot) does not guarantee (to my understanding) free lifetime updates. One must opt for the 79,99€ option which I find it ridiculous. Hence, even if I repurchase infuse Pro 6 now (43,99) , it does not guarantee it will work in the future, therefore a little value in this high priced option.

I kindly ask you to support old customers of previous infuse with the issue they are facing with infuse 4 Pro or provide an option to customers who want to repurchase an new main version to do so with better priced options.

I am sorry for this long message, and thank you for reading.

Infuse 4 and Infuse 5 were removed from the App Store some time ago and will not receive any further updates. However, I’ve just tried them here on an iPhone 12 Pro running iOS 14.5 and they both appear to launch correctly without any warnings. There may be other quirks due to recent iOS updates, but if you don’t want to upgrade you may try deleting the app and re-downloading from the Purchased section of the App Store to see if that helps.

Alternatively, if you are interested in upgrading to the current version you can get a free year of Pro (this will carry over to Infuse 7 once it’s released).

I do have the same problem and I am not able to start Infuse 4 in 14.5.1. As I bought the pro upgrade with an in-app purchase I am not able to activate the 1 year free trial.

The free upgrade is available for past in-app purchases as well.

You will just need to ensure you have 4.3.7 installed.

If you have an older version, you can follow these steps.

  1. Delete the current version of Infuse
  2. Visit the Purchased section of the App Store and search for Infuse 4

Downloading Infuse 4 this way will give you 4.3.7.

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