Infuse 4 Pro restored, but won't see Windows 10 shares folder

I’m running a 32gb Apple TV 4K, with the latest tvOS, I have installed Infuse 4 (and restore Pro purchase), but it won’t see my shared folder. I also have Infuse 6 (I guess?) installed, and it WILL see my shared folder on Win 10 PC, but keeps asking to upgrade to Pro to play flv files. I’ve read there is possibly a conflict between two Infuse versions installed on the same Apple TV? I’m scared to delete the Infuse 6 install, as I might not get it to see my shared folder again. Is my Infuse 4 Pro purchase still valid, is it compatible with Apple TV 4K and Windows 10 PCs? Please help, thx.

there are multiple fixes implemented since version 4 came out including tvOS 13 support. I’d say your issues are related to infuse 4 not supporting something. If you upgrade your tvOS versions it’d be more economical to go the subscription route instead of buying Pro outright.