Infuse 4 pro on Apple TV 4 cannot play x265.10bit.HEVC or 10bit.H265 encoded movies

I have some difficulties with playing x65.10bit.HEVC or 10bit.H265 encoded movies on my Apple TV 4. As I couldn’t play those movies I wanted to try the Infuse 6 pro in order to understand what the problem is: Apple TV 4 not capable of playing them or Infuse 4 Pro is not capable of playing them. (simply a hardware of a software issue) Strange enough I don’t have any playing issues on Infuse 6 Pro. It plays them flawlessly. I purchased Infuse 4 Pro with a lifetime update years ago. I want to know if there will be an future update for Infuse 4 Pro in order to solve this problem.

The update that fixes the issue is infuse 6.

Here is a list of supported formats:

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I don’t think that Infuse 4 ever had a “Lifetime Subscription” model. It was a one off software purchase through the app store. You can still do the same (one time purchase) thing with V5 and V6 by going to the Apple App store and purchasing either Infuse Pro 5 or Infuse Pro 6. ( I would not purchase V5 since it’s an “as is” just like V4 and won’t see further updates and V6 Pro won’t see any further updates when V7 is introduced)

You’re best bet is to DL the free Infuse 6 and do an in app subscription from within it. Then as long as you keep the subscription current you will have all of the “Pro” features and receive all updates including major versions such as V7 and V8 onward. I went with the lifetime so I don’t have to keep track of dates. :wink:

Edited to add: Version 5.5.2 introduced Native HEVC (h.265) video playback (tvOS 11 and later)

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Thanks a lot Jarvis and NC Bullseye for your quick response / information. Just for the record: I purchased Infuse 4 Pro on March 2016 with lifetime update. ( it stills works on the latest tvOS 13.3.1) I assume that compatible with an OS is not the same as gaining new functions with it. I hope that DL free Infuse 6 and purchase in app is not the only option to be a pro 6 user as I purchase Infuse v.1.2.4 on June 2013 and Infuse 2 Pro on May 2014.

You can keep V4 Pro but you won’t have access to the versions past 4. If you want the features of V6 that will be an additional purchase. If you had a lifetime subscription your copy would automatically update to the most current version.

You can verify if you have a lifetime subscription by following the instructions in the link provided by James in this thread Lifetime Upgrade for Pro but I’m pretty sure you will have to purchase a new subscription ( or a one time purchase of the stand alone pro app only good for updates till V7) to take advantage of the features of V6 Pro.