Infuse 4 price doubled?

Infuse 4 price has doubled? Now $20

Seriously guys, you’re digging yourselves a bigger hole.

This is just crazy.

James has mentioned that this is a deliberate pricing policy to encourage new purchasers to instead buy Infuse 5.

Firecore do not want to remove Infuse 4 from that App Store as that affects people who have already purchased it from re-downloading/installing it if necessary.

I can’t agree with that logic at all. Another money grab by Firecore.

This is simply not true. I don’t understand why Firecore keep telling their own version of how the App Store works?

The truth:


Removing an app from the store removes all versions of the app from sale. Users with previous versions of the app can’t update the app, but they will still be able to redownload the latest available version or restore your app to a new device, as long as (the developer has) an active contract.

Note that removing your app from sale does not automatically remove your in-app purchases from sale. If your app offers in-app purchases, customers can continue to download in-app purchases unless they are removed from sale separately.

In app purchases

Important: Removing a product from sale prevents auto-renewable subscriptions from renewing, but it doesn’t keep users from being able to restore products that they purchased previously.

Removing an app from sale also removes our ability to push fixes in minor updates (like we did with 4.3.5 and 4.3.6). People could obviously still redownload the latest update from their purchase history tab, but honestly when was the last time you went searching for updates there?

Regardless, both Infuse 4 and Infuse Pro 4 will be removed from the App Store on 12/21, which is one month after the release of Infuse 5.

Are you kidding me? If it’s removed from the store then us Infuse Pro 4 owners are screwed and unable to redownload in the future? If that’s the case, that’s a huge middle finger to the rest of us Pro 4 users.

removing it from sale does not stop you redownloading it via the Purchased tab in the App Store app. It just stops it showing up as something that can be purchased or found by searching the App Store.

The logic behind this doesn’t make sense either way. Oh wait, means no more minor updates for it. Still a huge middle finger.

What a load of baloney.

Infuse 4 has been updated for iOS/tvOS 10 and should continue to work just fine for the forseeable future.

I understand why they did it, it does make some sense, it gives everyone a chance to manually update their app to the latest version (fixes) before it is finally removed from App Store… but yes you’re right it’s going to burn a few uninformed buyers… Hopefully they can get their refunds when they realise, but I doubt it one month after buying. In that case if firecore did issue those unfortunate souls a free code for Infuse 5 standalone app then I’m cool with it. If they didn’t, then it’s very uncool of them.

It does make sense to me why Firecore is doing this. They have a new version to sell and that is obviously part of doing business. Owners of the previous version can still use that if they choose. Otherwise they have the option of upgrading or using a different product altogether. Nobody is forced to use Infuse.

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Just joining this thread because I just noticed Infuse 4 is no longer available on the App Store. This is super inconvenient and I never once received any kind of notification about the impending doom of an app I only had for about a year! Now I’m unable to even update the app as the App Store says it is unavailable. So what now? I have to shell out even more money for a new version that does all the same stuff? This is absurd. Worse than Freemium. You guys need to make this right.

Don’t panic, no impending doom that I can see. Have you looked in the “Purchased” section of the app store? Version 4 has not been visible in the regular app store for quite a while. Those that did purchase it can find it in the “Purchased” section still. I just check mine and it’s there.

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My panic is because I was never informed that this was happening, and that it happened over a year ago. As a developer it’s straight up appalling to me that you guys wouldn’t inform the people who have your application installed and paid for. You HAVE my info, tell me that you’re killing my app and I’ll understand. Sneakily kill it without saying a word and yeah, I’m gonna be a little pissed off.

Are you sure Firecore has your personal information for contacting you, or has Apple got that information?

That’s a good question… when the Pro plan is purchased through the App Store, do they get our info? Or just the money we paid. Probably just the money…

Seems like a glaring hole in the ecosystem if users can’t be informed of these types of things, though.

Not quite sure what your upset about, your v4 Infuse is still there for you. If you choose to use it just download it. Others have done just that when the new version doesn’t offer any features they want.

Frankly, I already told you what I’m upset about. I was never told about any of this as a paying customer. It’s been over a year and I didn’t even know I was using an inferior, out of date product. Had I known about this I would’ve happily upgraded and you guys would never had heard from me. I’ve got a 4K setup, and would’ve loved to have known.

Maker sure you read Infuse Pro: Purchases, Upgrades, and Family Sharing to understand the 2 different ways of purchasing Infuse 5 and the differences between them.

Sorry for the confusion.

When we launched Infuse 5 last year, we tried to make the news as widely known as possible. This included a blog post, 2 newsletters, and a one-time popup that appeared in the Infuse 4 app.

This allowed us to reach most of our user base, but of course it’s simply impossible to connect with everyone. Apple does not provide any contact info whatsoever to developers for people who download or purchase apps or In-App Purchases. Overall this is a good decision on their part, but it can present a challenge when you need to get a message to your users.

Anyways, Infuse 5 is a pretty great update with quite a new features. More info on everything that’s new can be found here.