Infuse 4 on Apple TV 4 with QNAP TS-251 NAS

I recently received the Apple TV 4 generation and I purchased Infuse Pro today after hearing some good things about it. However I’m having an issue with Infuse (ver. 4) discovering my shared volumes. My shares are hosted on a QNAP TS-251 NAS on my home network. For good measure I have installed and successfully setup my iPhone 6 with Infuse which saw my shared volume on the NAS fine.

Attempting to do a manual configuration of the share using SMB I get the following error “An error occurred. Sorry, infuse encountered an error while trying to connect.”

The QNAP TS-251 is configured to use SMB version 2.1 as well uPNP service discovery is enabled.

Is anyone else having this issue?

Problem solved. I had to enable uPNP on the router in order for the shares to be discovered by the Apple TV

I have the same problem. But i checked and the router already has uPnP on. I am able to add the Kodi library. But I would like to be able for Infuse 5 to directly access the files. I’m extremely disappointed that this is so complicated–i purchased Infusion 5 pro based on all of the reviews and have never used it before. Having regrets that I purchased it. And tech support seems non-existent and is email based.

Can you provide a bit more info on what you are seeing when attempting to add a share? Is Infuse able to detect your device automatically, or are you entering details to set this share up manually?

After some time, Infuse was able to magically access the access the files in the SMB share on my QNAP 451+. But it’s not working as I thought, so I have a few follow up questions:

  1. With the SMB share now available, I have another complication when Infuse scans for movies. Q1A: is there a way for Infuse to exclude from scans media all subfolders named “Extras”? My NAS folder structure is composed of individual folders for each movie, and then a subfolder cleverly named “Extras” that contains trailers, deleted scenes, etc. The problem is that Infuse scans all of these additional subfolders and add files found there, but doesn’t know what to do with them. So this means that files named “1.mkv”, “Deleted Scenes.mkv,” etc. are added. There are literally 100s of such files now in the Library, effectively making the library unusable. (The alternative of having a Movie and TV Shows favorite on the home screen means I have to navigating to each folder and then select the movie, which is unsatisfactory.)
    Q1B: While I don’t want these Extras to show up in the library, is there a way to nevertheless access the extras via another method (Kodi has an Extras option accessible with a “right-click”).
    Q1C: With the Kodi UPnP items, how do I have movies automatically added to Collections? I have this feature on, but all of the movies in collections (Indiana Jones, Bourne, Hobit, etc.) are in listed separately.

  2. The Library, part I. For the moment, I’ve reverted to using the Kodi library share (UPnP/DLNA) instead of the SMB share. But Infuse’s Library doesn’t see either the Movies or TV Shows that I’ve added as favorites to the Infuse home screen. Q2: Is there is an option to add these to the Library? I’ve had to create a favorite for each of these Kodi items on the home screen, but would prefer to work with the Library.

Thanks for your work so far–the playback of the videos has been great. My requests are about tweaking Infuse to deal with these UI issues.