Infuse 4, 5tb Mybook, Archer C9 router --- sleep issues

So I have an archer C9 and a 5tb hard drive connected to the archer c9 with UPNP DLNA streaming but I noticed that sometimes infuse 4 can’t load a file because Im guessing that the drive I have is not staying on and is going to sleep on its own. Does anyone have a solution for this or do I need to just use a different external hard drive.

If I need a different external hard drive to connect to my router what do you guys suggest is the best type to use?

Thank you.

Looking through the manual for the Archer C9 I don’t see a way to manage power settings to the drive. I have an external drive connected to USB on a NAS drive and it sleeps but any request sent (selecting a file on infuse and hitting play) wakes the drive and it plays. Not sure, it may be different when plugged into the router via USB. The Mybook drive should have some sort of “Smartware” that you can use to change the power management setting so perhaps you can set it so it does not sleep. If you really want the drive to sleep when not in use then you may want to get a proper NAS? Smartware can be found here:

So I figured it out. I was able to alter the sleep preferences of the hard drive by just connecting it to my computer and switching the sleep function off using the WD utilities. Thanks a lot guys!