Infuse 4.3 not selecting the highest quality audio possible

Since updating to version 4.3 infuse no longer selects DTS MA tracks but instead always defaults to lower quality Dolby 5.1 AC3. I think this may be a bug. I have audio set to auto in the app and best quality available on the Apple TV. Is anyone else experiencing this issue or have I missed a new setting somewhere?

Infuse should always pick the best possible track, though may select a different track based on your language settings.

What language is your Apple TV set to, and have you changed the Audio Language setting in Infuse > Settings?

My Apple TV is set to English (UK) and Infuse is set to Auto. It seems Infuse is picking up the track in the MKV with the ‘default’ flag enabled because if I change this using mkvtoolnix it defaults to whatever I change it to. Most of my films have the DTS MA track as the default anyway so it’s possible it’s not specific to the 4.3 update. It could have been like this all along but I didn’t notice.

Ah, yep that would do it. Infuse will respect the default track flag, if set.

Thanks for clarifying. I must have coincidently only watched films where the DTS MA track was default up to now. It does make sense for it to chose the default track if it’s set :slight_smile: