Infuse 4.3 can't load any movies

I picked up Infuse Pro 4.3 about a week ago and am having a lot of trouble with it. I have a Windows 10 PC with an external drive hooked up and shared with full permissions to it. I added my PC to Infuse and added my library to it and while it took a while to load the meta data for my 1200 movies, and all worked as expected. The next day I tried to watch a movie and got the spinner icon and nothing ever loaded. The list of movies was available but none played. I cycled power on the ATV and the same thing happened. Checked the PC and everything was fine. Went back to the ATV and used the built in Computers app to access iTunes on the PC and movies play just fine. Not knowing what else to try, I removed the library and forgot my PC and started over again. I re-added my PC, reloaded the library, waited for the metadata to reload and could watch a movie again. The next day, the same thing happened again. Everything worked fine with iTunes, but not Infuse. I removed and reloaded everything and all worked again. Tonight, the same thing happened again (definition of insanity, right?).

Any suggestions on why Infuse seems to get hung and isn’t able to access any movies, but I can access things with iTunes? Not sure what else to try here.

Were these purchased through iTunes by chance?

No, all movies I ripped from DVDs I own.

To clarify a bit, after I re-loaded all of the movies from scratch, they played. A day later, the same movie that used to play just hangs on the spinner. That same movie plays through iTunes, so I know the ATV can access the PC and hard drive.

Still not working. No suggestions?

One additional follow up - I can access and watch movies in my library using the iOS version on my iPad.

So in the continuing saga of this thing doing all kinds of strange things, last night, without changing anything, it suddenly started working again and I was able to watch a movie. Tonight, I went back in and all of my movies but 1 are gone from my library. Try to browse the movie folder and the cutesie nothing to see here message is displayed. The Apple TV can play movies just fine and the iOS app can also play them just fine.

I guess it’s about time to just give up on this.

Sorry about that.

Was your PC auto-detected by Infuse, or was the connection set up manually? Sometimes issues like this can occur if a share is set up manually using an IP address, as those tend to change if/when a device connects to your local network.

If that doesn’t help I’d recommend opening a support ticket so we can try and track down what’s going on.

It was auto-detected. Guess I’ll open a ticket - thanks!