Infuse 4.3 and trakt - no sync

It seems that from recent version of Infuse (4.3) Trakt is no longer syncing (at least watched/unwatched). I am a PRO user.
I already tried also to log out/log in (Trakt), but it didn’t help.
Does anybody have the same issue?

It is working fine for me (both watched/unwatched and position within an episode) so it sounds like it is something specific to your setup. Quite what it might be I have no idea.

Not syncing for me either. Tried reconnecting trakt as well. Currently watching status works though strangely.

Are there any particular titles you are having trouble with?

Has Infuse fetched complete metadata for these videos?

It’s general problem. Metadata for Movies are complete fetched. In case of TV Shows I watched just 1 title which was not correctly fetched.
I will do some more examinations to check this issue.

I have watched about 15 movies and about 50 different tv episodes since scrobbling stopped working. It’s all been well formated and nothing obscured. It worked 100% before it broke.
For me it did break before the release of 4.3. About a month ago or little more.

Are the Metadata Fetching and Scrobbling options enabled on all your devices?

Trying it here with movies and TV shows and I simply can’t get it to break.

I am using Infuse only on Appe TV (4 gen.), where everything is enabled (fetching and scrobbling).
I have just tried to mark some movies as watched, but no change on my trakt profile :(.

I only (mainly) use Infuse on my ATV with meta data fetching and scrobbling enabled. I do have it installed on my iPad as well with scrobbling enabled but I haven’t used it. I have downloaded Infuse on my iPhone to but without logging in to Trakt. Could that play in to this with CloudKit or something?
The thing I find most strange is that Trakt shows currently watching on the webpage correctly but just won’t scrobble when show or movie has finished playing.
PM me if there is any details related to my account or so I can provide you with.

btw I am a Pro user as well as the thread creator, if that could mean anything.

By removing and reinstalling my copy of Infuse Pro Trakt sync now works again.
I have one setting that differ from my last installation. Before I disabled continuous playback. Now I have it enabled. Don’t think it matters but mention it just in case.

I just found out the same strange thing like davida posted:
“Trakt shows currently watching on the webpage correctly but just won’t scrobble when show or movie has finished playing.”
…there is still no solution for this issue? :frowning:

EDIT: thx for your post davida, I will try to reinstall Infuse App as well

So reinstall Infuse App helped, now trakt is syncing correctly.
Thx for help.