Infuse 4.3.6 Pro not updating to new version

Hi, my infuse pro is not automatically updated to the latest version. If I install the lates version through the app store I only get the regular version and end up with two icons one for 4.3.6 and one for 5.2.

Version 5 is a paid update and therefore not an automatic update from v4. There a lot of forum threads discussing this.

so does this mean I have to pay the full price AGAIN? even though I have already payed $10 for v4 pro?

Infuse 4.3.6 was fully updated for iOS/tvOS 10, so there’s no need to upgrade if you’re happy with how your setup is working.

Infuse 5 does include quite a few new features, and a full list of these can be found here.

But, where we can download Infuse 4.3.6? There is only v5 in App Store!!!

V4 will not show up if you simply search the App Store as only v5 is now available for new purchases. InFuse v4 should, however, be in the ‘purchased’ section of the App Store app for you to download from there. The one ‘quirk’ that James mentioned is that you have to be using the same ‘country’ version of the App Store as the original purchase.

I must admit that personally with the rate at which new features are being added to v5 I was more than happy to sign up for v5 using the ‘subscription’ option. This also ensures I continue to get updates even when v6 arrives. I know v4 has been updated to be iOS 10 compatible, but as new iOS releases come along I can see at one point an update might break v4 of inFuse so you would have to stop getting tvOS updates to avoid such an issue as v4 is no longer being updated.

Hi my name is Tolga. I want to update my infuse 4.3.6 to 5.4 but imposible. Why? Thank you very much.

Sorry for the confusion.

Infuse 5 is a new app that was released in November 2016, and a complete list of all the new features can be found here. Infuse Release Notes | Firecore

If you’re interested in upgrading from Infuse 4, you can get your first month of Infuse Pro for free! To start your trial, simply download the free version of Infuse 5 ( and upgrade to Infuse Pro using the in-app purchase option found in the sidebar. A single purchase will work on all devices (iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV).

If you don’t feel like upgrading right now, your existing Infuse 4 app will continue to work as it always has. It can also be re-downloaded through the Purchases tab in the App Store, if needed. A bit more info on this can be found here. Redownload apps, music, movies, TV shows, and books - Apple Support

Hope this helps!

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