Infuse 4.2 - Can you exclude folders from the "all videos" search/catalog function?

As I ask in the title, the new catalog/index/spotlight functionality of Infuse 4.2 sounds great, but let’s say – hypothetically, of course – that I don’t want to index every movie on my hard drive. Can I exclude folders or drives from being indexed? I know I can do this with Spotlight, but does Infuse’s cataloging “scope” respect Spotlight’s Privacy rules, or allow one to declare separate privacy rules for Infuse?

Thanks for whatever light anyone can shed on this. I am going to delay updating until I find out the answer to this question.

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Yep. Just do the following.

  1. Add Favorite(s) from the shares that you want indexed.
  2. If there are subfolders under these favorites you don’t want indexed, add these folders as Favorites as well.
  3. Navigate to the Settings > Library menu and uncheck the items you don’t want Infuse to index.
  4. Hide any unwanted Favorites from the home screen (long press + Hide Favorite).

Awesome – thank you! Can’t wait to update and take this new version for a spin.

James, for those of us with Large libraries this is not a very elegant solution. Is there a possibility of just an option to Not scan subfolders or add the directory names we want to ignore. I use my library primarily for Plex and it unfortunately expects the extras in certain directories or names. If I tried to do this the way in your post I would have to add and uncheck hundreds of subdirectories under each movie folder. Thanks.

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Just a suggestion, there have been many improvements and updates to how the library is handled since version 4.2. You may want to look at upgrading to version 5.X.

You can see all the changes here. Infuse Release Notes | Firecore

I would also like a solution for example if there’s a file in a subfolder called ‘noindex’ or something that would be a nicer solution to this.


I am using Infuse 5.0 Pro on the Apple TV 4K. Are you aware of excluding directories in a less involved way since 4.2? Because it doesn’t seem to have changed in a way that seems any less work intensive for large libraries.

If your on version 5 then you may get better responses by starting a new thread, this one is almost 2 years old and specifies version 4.2 in the title.

Sorry, I started with version 4 and then I just bit the bullet and changed my file set up to what Infuse is asking for since it added the library functions so I don’t have the issues you seem to be encountering. If I have any directories that I don’t want included I just uncheck them in the library settings. It’s still working with version 5 so I can’t really offer any short cuts to help.

I use Infuse Pro version 5 too but the issue is still the same. As long as the folders that I don’t want to be indexed for the library are NOT subfolders then this approach works. But when they are subfolders, it does not work like this - at least not elegantly.

For example: Let’s say I have a folder with 30 subfolders, two of which I don’t want to include in the library. If I add this folder with 30 subfolders, everyhing in it will be included in the library. If I don’t want to include these two folders, then I would have to add 28 folders instead. It would be much more convenient if I could just add the top folder with the 30 subfolders and then exclude the two folders that don’t want in the library.

Exactly my point, it should be a two fold option, which I would not mind having to implement. The default option should be not include nested folders meaning scan one level down in the share for movie files, then an option in this case to manually select folders to include. Then have a mode either to scan all subfolders and also the ability to uncheck specific folders. This would basically cover all use cases. Also I know this is an old post, but people shouldn’t mind an old post being resurrected if the original issue is still around, which it most certainly is. Love the app though, its just not as useful as it can be until these house cleaning issues are take care of.

Also, moving the subfolders are not an option as Plex reads extras in one of two ways, specially named files or files within a certain sub directory, I have already submitted a feature request to be able to set the extras up as an alternate directory structure.

Again, since this thread is almost two years old and references version 4.2 in the title, it’d be better to start a new thread in the suggestions forum to get more input instead of adding to a zombie thread.