Infuse 4.0.3 Additions & Fixes

Happy Friday! 4.0.3 has been submitted to the store, and with any luck will be available within the next week.

Here's what's coming in 4.0.3

  • Stream audio to AirPlay speakers
  • DivX/Xvid (.avi) support
  • Additional font size/weight options for subtitles
  • Option to use edge taps to jump between chapters
  • Option to hide Recently Watched on home screen
  • 10s icon while hovering
  • Improved SMB loading times
  • Improved audio track selection logic
  • Improved Favorite edit screen
  • Improved error resilience for SMB connections
  • Improved metadata fetching
  • Adjusted title sorting
  • Updated localizations
  • Disabled false positive playback warnings
  • Various playback improvements
  • A few other minor fixes

Update 2/12: 4.0.3 is now live! :smiley:

Great news! Thanks to the FireCore team for their hard work.

Thanks! But I’m missing a fix for the DD/DTS passthrough issues on 2015/2016 receivers from Denon and others. Hope this will be addressed soon.

This is still in progress.

Unfortunately it’s not a simple fix. :frowning:

OK, I will try a HDMI to Optical Audio extractor box in the meantime.

Yay! Looking very much forward to it.

James, maybe you can explain to me what “10s icon while hovering” is?

This is a small 10s (10 second) icon that appears when you hover over the left/right edge of the touchpad without tapping. Like Apple’s player, this gives you a hint about what will happen if you tap the edges.

Thanks James - good to know.

What do you mean by that?

How about wathced/unwatched markers?

We’ve improved the screen where favorites are edited (tap/hold on a favorite in the main menu) to be more intuitive.

Still coming in 4.1. :wink:

Oh, sad :smiley:
When you are planing to roll out that version?

Hello there, excellent news!!!

→ deleted

Great news James. Thank you and the entire team for putting in so much work to get the ability to play Divx back in. It is much appreciated.


WTV (recordings from WMC) will now play, once Apple releases 4.0.3. Thanks James & support team.

Any chance this gives the ability to hide the “extrafanart” and “extrathumbs” folders generated on a share by Kodi?

first of all I think you made an awesome product and are doing lots of fine work on the updates.

But there are still no watched/unwatched icons does this mean by one upgrade a month this will take another 7 months?
compared to other players the lack of this is what makes infuse inferiour.

At least give us an indication on when it is coming out.

Seems like a great (and needed) update - I hadn’t noticed how many xVid files I had until 4.02!

Now, for the only other real annoying issue I have left… would be amongst your fixes?