Infuse 4.0.2 Additions & Fixes

Happy 2016! 4.0.2 has been submitted to the store, and with any luck will be available within the next week.

Here's what's coming in 4.0.2

  • Major playback improvements
  • Faster playback start/seek times
  • Custom artwork for favorites (use favorite.png or favorite-atv.png)
  • Added more zoom options (for removing encoded black bars)
  • Added sort by filename option
  • Improved sorting for files like 'Toy Story', 'Toy Story 2' and 'Toy Story 3'
  • Improved metadata refetching if initial attempt failed with a network error
  • Improved metadata fetching efficiency
  • Add Favorites via iOS Remote app (tap right side of touch screen)
  • Long press to rename/remove Favorites
  • Version number displayed in settings
  • A handful of other minor improvements and fixes

Update 1/11: 4.0.2 is now live!

Excellent Thanks James and staff

Cool, Thanks…

Wonderful work!

Hi James,

Have you fixed the issue where audio will not play over Airplay connected speakers? This is a MAJOR issue.

When will the library view be available? This is good for people with more than one hard drive. Just like the one with atv2.

Awesome thanks. Question. James can you tell me what pixel dimension would be optimal if I create some favourite artwork .png’s in Photoshop?

1920x1080 would be recommended.

You can also check out this thread.

So then it would appear that, since, James, you are acknowledging other questions, the Airplay audio issue has not been fixed. Very disappointing. The lack of clear communication around this issue is not good.

1920x1080 would be recommended.

You can also check out this thread.[/quote]

Thanks James.

It’s on our roadmap, but has not yet been implemented. Sorry.

It’s on our roadmap, but has not yet been implemented. Sorry.[/quote]

How about the library view?

In the works. :wink:

How about the playback stuttering? It’s real annoying, i can’t watch a single movie…


Very disappointed in Infuse support re: Airplay Delay

Even though I think that Apple should have an internal switch, for devs the AirPlay speaker delay support is one of the easiest fixes in Tvos and this problem affects a multitude of users.

On Infuse, do we have to again wait 3 weeks to a month for 4.0.3 for this fix, or will it be longer?

Hopefully, 4.0.2 will fix other video performance delays, so when Airplay speaker delay is fixed, I will be able to use Infuse Pro. Until then, $10 paid is lost money.

EDIT: Firecore response received …Barring any complications, it should be resolved in the next update for Apple TV. Comment #47/48.

It’s on our roadmap, but has not yet been implemented. Sorry.[/quote]

Well, thank you for that, James. It’s at least good to know that a fix is coming. However, saying that it’s on the roadmap sounds like you consider this a feature, when in reality I would classify it as a bug (showstopper).

I agree. A waste of money for me. Airplay is a basic feature that every other app seems to handle without a problem. Very surprised it wasn’t fixed on new update.

When I saw DTS-HD support for the pro version I purchased without looking on here - £7.99 I didnt have to spend on kodi for apple tv 4 (yes you can sideload it with a dev account) - I understand DTS-HD is a licencing issue but why advertise it on the app store as such ?

Suggestion: add a button to turn on the NAS from the remote i.e. send the magic packet WOL (wake-up-on-LAN).