Infuse 4.0.1 additions & fixes

We've been listening to your feedback, and plan to have a quick 4.0.1 update available soon - well as soon as Apple allows. ;)

Here's what's coming in 4.0.1

  • Much faster metadata fetching (about 5-10x times as fast depending on the video type)
  • Infuse Pro badging in Settings to indicate when Pro features are active
  • Prompt to resume or start from the beginning when playing videos
  • Skip forward/back 10 seconds by clicking right/left edge of touch pad
  • Auto-load details when selecting item from lower shelf (on movie/show details page)
  • Double-tap top of touch pad to quickly return to the top of the poster grid view
  • Separate Dolby and DTS passthrough options (for Sonos Soundbar users - and anyone else who has a device that supports one but not the other)
  • Fixed audio cutting out when navigating through Playback Settings (with passthrough enabled)
  • Folder artwork overriding for TV series
  • Option to clear recently watched list
  • Fixed issue with selecting share protocol type in some cases
  • A handful of other minor fixes

Update 12/12: 4.0.1 was just approved, and should be rolling out on the App Store shortly. :slight_smile:

This is great James, thanks for the quick work! Wondering if the bug where tv shows beginning with “the” are sorted as starting with ‘t’ rather than with the second word of the title (eg The League sorts with ‘T’ rather than with ‘L’). I reported this during the beta.

Can you add grid or list view like ATVFLASH had and hold for delete.
Thank you.

Hi Jake,
I do not have that problem. Are you sure you have the correct corresponding language settings (of aTV)?

Great stuff!

This is very welcome. I have two more suggestions. Coming from Plex …

  1. Make me click less. When I hover over a Episode or Movie (or favorite) switch directly to the details. Then it would be in style with the overall  TV “usage-rules”.
  2. Can you chose to ignore sub Folders in Movies? Collapse all Movies into one big (list view?)-stream when I Chose my Movie Folder? Would again make me click less and make the overall design more consistent.

Thank you very much. Great App!

Thank you very much,

the Bitstream option is coming in one of the next updates ?

I’m very happy with this app. I’m a former user of ATV flash (black) and then I switched to mac-mini + Plex server + NAS. The problem with plex is precisely the need of a dedicated server and the transcoding when you need subtitles. With this app I can discard the server and back to use ATV4+NAS. Please please keep the improvement of this app, even if you need a extra tip for it :wink:

That would be very helpful !!!

How long does it generally take Apple to approve an update?

I read somewhere in another post that it has been about a week for most approvals for tvOS…think James posted that. Maybe sooner for minor updates?

Am I the only one (around here) who misses the music playback functionality?
i have a bunch of FLACs which were played by Infuse on ATVFlash black, but INFUSE4
only tells me that there’s nothing to see. (which is literally true, however there is
something to listen to :slight_smile:
can we expect some improvement in this area?

Hi James, any idea when infuse will finally get .img format support?

Hi Jake,
I do not have that problem. Are you sure you have the correct corresponding language settings (of aTV)?

Weird! I only have this problem for TV shows, movies sort correctly. All my language/region settings are set correctly… I wonder, are all of your TV show files in one single folder? I keep mine in a hierarchical structure (TV Shows → Name of show → Season x → files) so perhaps the folder names are not sorting correctly? Just a guess.

Hi James,

Currently there’s no way to tell which version we are using, whether it’s 4.0 or 4.0.1. Would it be possible to indicate the version no. somewhere in the Settings just like what you did for the iOS, please? Thanks and love the app.

What about support for FTPS - its only missing protocol for my usage

I must say the this app is the reason for buying al AppleTV 4th gen. As long time PLEX user, I think this surpasses it on every possible way.
My suggestions. I think (sorry if already requested) they are not included on next 4.0.1 update:

  • Sort files by Date, Name, Folder, Year, etc… More options.
  • Delete files.
  • To be able to sort/order the Favorites folders.
  • Music theme on series folders.

Thanks so much!!

Hi all, i use INFUSE 4 and i have proposal for improvement:

  • the option to turn on/off indexing of only selected folders
  • when viewing a library with no index please show the names of all files, now only displays the name of the file where the “cursor is”
  • the option to view the library as a line / grid
  • the possibility of at least one skin (black)


  • apple screensaver run over played files

This app is great, thanks to this app I bought apple tv 4, until then I had no reason to change my old ATV 2…

It also depends on time of year, the team(s) at Apple also get some free time in december so expect this to vary. Keep in mind the team have to approve about 30.000 apps/update per working day.

  • the option to turn on/off indexing of only selected folders

Second that.
Infuse is forcing some obscure old movies thumbnails and descriptions on my home videos :slight_smile:
Do you have any idea how many wedding movie titles there are? and non is having me or my wife on the cover :-((