Infuse 3 - streaming over cellular connections 3G or LTE

Hi I was looking forward to getting the update for infuse in hope that I now would be able to stream over cellular connection.

Is this possible?
If so, could you please give some instructions on how to set it up?

I have a Synology NAS and would like to connect to that from my iPhone 6+ away from home.

Best Regards


I’m also trying to get this to work. I’ve opened the port for SMB (445) in my router and pointed the adress in the app to my Synology NAS but it won’t connect. Has anyone gotten this to work with a Synology?


I’ve gotten this to work. I gave up trying to get it work using SMB and instead I turned on WebDAV on my Synology. I then manually added the NAS to Infuse using WebDAV as the protocol. This way it works great. So you guys could also try that.

I have tried to ude WebDAV but I don’t now what settings I have done wrong.
Could you tell us how you set yours up? Your settings that is.